Air Greenland Airline Fly To Greenland Morning Moon Or Night From DKK 2.952,- Offer

Air Greenland

Air Greenland A/S, also known as Greenlandair, is the flag carrier airline of Greenland, a subsidiary of the SAS Group, the Greenlandic Government and the Danish Government.  It was founded on 1960. It operates a fleet of 32 aircraft, including 1 airliner used for transatlantic and charter flights, 9 fixed-wing aircraft primarily serving the domestic network, and 22 helicopters feeding passengers from the smaller communities into the domestic airport network.

Air Greenland Airline Offers

This year you can fly to Greenland for your summer holidays at the time that suits you best. It has departures from Copenhagen in the morning, mid-day and evening.

  • When departing at 09:15, you land in Kangerlussuaq at 09:55 local time
  • Flight from Copenhagen at 11:00 every Tuesday and Thursday means you can arrive the same day from many cities in Europe and get on board.
  • Evening flight departing at 21:30. Then you land in Kangerlussuaq at 22:10 local time
  • You can also choose between three homeward flights from Kangerlussuaq: 11:40, 13:10 and 23:10

Offers valid on Air Greenland Airline

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