Hong Kong Airlines Excess Baggage

For all routes operated by Hong Kong Airlines(except Saipan) :

Charge for baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance is calculated per kilogram (2.2 lbs.) on Zone basis as listed below.

Zone 1 Hong Kong ,China ,Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia
Cambodia , Malaysia, Philippines
Zone 2 Japan, Maldives, Korea
Zone 3 Australia, New Zealand
Per KG To Zone 1 To Zone 2 To Zone 3
From Zone 1 US$101 US$201 US$301
From Zone 2 US$201 US$301 US$301
From Zone 3 US$301 US$301  

1 Or equivalent amount in local currency calculated by IATA IROE (follow the corresponding rounding unit requirement.)

Note :
Oversized baggage : USD100/piece for a baggage >158cm/62inches (in total Dimension)
Baggage with excessive size and weight : accumulating charging
No restriction on the number of pieces.

For Saipan route operated by Hong Kong Airlines:

Extra Baggage Charge
Excessive weight USD 150 for a baggage > 50LB/(23KG) and ≤70LB/(32KG)
Oversized USD 200 for a baggage > 62IN/(158CM) and ≤80IN/(203CM)
Excessive weight and oversized USD 250 for a baggage > 50LB/(23KG) and ≤70LB/(32KG) & > 62IN/(158CM) and ≤80IN/(203CM)
Over piece: USD 300 for a baggage up to 50LB/(23KG) and 62IN/(158CM)
USD 400 for a baggage > 50LB/(23KG) and ≤70LB/(32KG)
USD 500 for a baggage > 50LB/(23KG)  and ≤70LB/(32KG) & > 62IN/(158CM) and ≤80IN/(203CM)


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