21 Worst Airlines in the world 1

21 airlines fall below the standard, according to Skytrax. Here they are (in alphabetical order):

1. Bahamasair

Based: Nassau
Founded: 1973
Fleet: 8
Destinations: 32
Slogan: “We don’t just fly there, we live there”

2. Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Based: Dhaka
Founded: 1972
Fleet: 12
Destinations: 18

3. Bulgaria Air

Based: Sofia
Founded: 2002
Fleet: 10
Destinations: 26

4. China United Airlines

Based: Beijing
Founded: 1986
Fleet: 36
Destinations: 20

5. Cubana Airlines

Based: Havana
Founded: 1930
Fleet: 20
Destinations: 20
Slogan: “Cuba’s Gateway to the World”

6. Iran Air

Based: Tehran
Founded: 1944
Fleet: 26
Destinations: 58
Slogan: “Our Mission is Your Safety” & “We Take You There, We Take You Back”

7. Lion Air

Based: Jakarta
Founded: 1999
Fleet: 111
Destinations: 126
Slogan: “We Make People Fly”

8. Mahan Air

Based: Tehran
Founded: 1992
Fleet: 56
Destinations: 61
Slogan: “The Spirit of Excellence”

9. Nepal Airlines

Based: Kathmandu
Founded: 1958
Fleet: 9
Destinations: 33

10. Onur Air

Based: Istanbul
Founded: 1992
Fleet: 30
Destinations: 30
Slogan: “Fly Turkey, Fly!”

11. Pegasus Airlines

Based: Istanbul
Founded: 1990
Fleet: 75
Destinations: 103
Slogan: “We Didn’t Start Aviation In Turkey, But We Transformed It”

12. Rossiya Airlines

Based: St Petersburg
Founded: 1932
Fleet: 61
Destinations: 58

13. SmartWings

Based: Prague
Founded: 2004
Fleet: 18
Destinations: 27

14. Spirit Airlines

Based: Miramar, Florida
Founded: 1980
Fleet: 95
Destinations: 59
Slogan: “Less Money, More Go”

15. Sudan Airways

Based: Khartoum
Founded: 1946
Fleet: 4
Destinations: 15

16. SyrianAir

Based: Damascus
Founded: 1946
Fleet: 12
Destinations: 14

17. Tajik Air

Based: Dushanbe
Founded: 1923
Fleet: 14
Destinations: 19

18. Turkmenistan Airlines

Based: Ashgabat
Founded: 1992
Fleet: 33
Destinations: 23
Slogan: “Symbol of Hospitality”

19. Ukraine International Airlines

Based: Kiev
Founded: 1992
Fleet: 38
Destinations: 80

20. Yemenia

Based: Sana’a
Founded: 1962
Fleet: 6
Destinations: 29

21. The worst airline of all? According to Skytrax, it’s Koryo Air, based in Pyongyang, North Korea. While all the others listed here received two stars, it was handed just one.


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One thought on “21 Worst Airlines in the world

  • Aamer

    I dont know the selection criteria for worst airlines. However, as per experience of my travel, Saudi Arabian Airlines should be in the list of top worst airlines.

    We, a family from Pakistan, traveled to Turkey with a return ticket to travel back to Pakistan on 16 March, 2020, with a flight change at Jeddah (transit). During our stay at Turkey, it was learnt that Saudia has suspended its operations for Pakistan on 11th March onwards. We visited Saudi Arabian airlines office at Maya Centre, Istanbul on 12th March for accomodating us on a substitute flight. We were treated rudely and flatly told that we must contact our Travel Agent back at Pakistan who should get the substitute airline tickets from Saudi Arabian Airlines Office at Lahore, Pakistan. This was an amazing reply. What if we had not purchased tickets through a Travel Agent and why would a travel agent respond to us?? The gentlemen in Saudia Office had no reply to this and insisted that we must contact Saudia Office at Lahore, Pakistan. On approaching the Saudia Office at Lahore, our agent was informed that Saudia Lahore had not received any Circular or Notification and that they had no position to accomodate us. In order to disperse the number of people visiting the office, the Police was called and the office was got vacated. We had no option but to buy Turkish Airline one way tickets and we flew back on 16th March evening via TK 0714. On approaching, Saudia has so far not provided any solution to our additional purchased tickets.