Aeromar Airlines Excess Baggage

Excess baggage charges

Domestic routes

Fee of $116.00 Mexican pesos taxes included per exceeding kilo, limited up to 20 additional kgs. (44 lbs.) in excess of the baggage allowance.

International routes

  • It will be charged USD $25 forr each kilo (2 lbs.)
  • From kilo 24 (52 lbs) on the first baggage case and up to 45 kilos (99 lbs) and USD $ 100.00 including taxes for the second documented case by the first 22 kgs. (48 lbs.) from 23 kilo (50 lbs.) Will be charged USD $25 for each kilo (2 lbs.) additional up to 45 kilos (99 lbs).
  • A second case is subject to available capacity in the cargo compartment and will be billed after the end of the flight.

For more details visit : http://www.aeromar

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