Air Djibouti Baggage Allowance 1

Air Djibouti, also known as Red Sea Airlines, is the flag carrier of Djibouti.It first flew in 1963 and ceased all operations in 2002. In 2015, the airline was relaunched, first as a cargo airline and then, in 2016, with passenger services as well. It is headquartered in the capital, Djibouti City.



Air Djibouti Carry-on Baggage Allowance

  • The maximum weight of carry-on baggage is 10 kg.
  • The maximum dimension is 55 x 25 x 35 cms.

Air Djibouti Checked Baggage Allowance

  • The maximum weight of checked baggage is 23 kg.
  • The maximum dimensions cannot exceed 158 cms.

Air Djibouti Excess Baggage Allowance

  • Excess baggage will be charged in airport

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One thought on “Air Djibouti Baggage Allowance

  • Liban Awale Jama

    If have more than 23 Kg what will be the charges of every other Kg for example I have 33Kg that will tell you I have 10 more Kg would you be kind and tell me the 10 extra charges?