Air India Pre Paid Baggage Allowance and charges 3

Passengers can book pre-paid excess baggage before 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of via Air India’s call centre or at any of the Air India booking offices (CTO) and save 10% compared to airport rates.

*Cannot be purchased throughAir India website.

Pre-paid Baggage Allowance Base rate Scheme

RFISC Pre-paid Baggage Allowance Base rate Slab Discounted Base rate Slab (INR) Total Taxes Total amount to be charged to the passenger (after rounding off)
First/Business Class Economy Class First/Business Class Economy Class
0CW Upto 5 kgs 1125 101.25 67.50 1230 1190
0CZ > Upto 5 kgs and <=10 kgs 2250 202.50 135.00 2450 2390
0C1 > Upto 10 kgs and <=15 kgs 3375 303.75 202.50 3680 3580
0C2 > Upto 15 kgs and <=20 kgs 4500 405.00 270.00 4900 4770


Tax Code Total Taxes
First/Business Class Economy Class
JN 8.4% 5.6%
F2 0.3% 0.2%
G1 0.3% 0.2%

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3 thoughts on “Air India Pre Paid Baggage Allowance and charges

  • Sumeetkumar Jaidevan Nair

    I am trying to pre-book my excess baggage via Air India call center. However there is big difference on rates which is provided on web-site and the rate confirmed by the call center agent (AED 280 /- for 10 kg). Kindly confirm the correct rates so that i can proceed with pre-booking of my excess baggage.
    Travel Date : 03rd June 2017 ; Dubai to Cochin


  • Mir

    Our Client has excess baggage upto 30 kg.
    Would like know the cost / charges for Pre Paid baggage. Also would like to know free baggage allowance per passenger in Biz Class.
    Air India PNR – J B T 3 V