Air Niugini Checked Baggage

Domestic Allowance

Passenger Type Type All Sectors
Business Class Non-FFP 20kg
Destination Members 20kg
Executive Club Members (Gold/Silver) 29kg
 Passenger Type  Type   All Sectors
Economy Class Non-FFP 16kg
Destination Members 16kg
Executive Club Members (Gold/Silver) 25kg


International baggage allowance

Passenger Type Type All Sectors PNG to
PNG to
Business Class Free Baggage Allowance 40kg 40kg 40kg
Executive Club Members 45kg 56kg 45kg
 Passenger Type  Type   All Sectors  PNG to
 PNG to
Economy Class Free Baggage Allowance 30kg 30kg 25kg
Executive Club Members 35kg 46kg 35kg
Seaman 40kg

Interline/Online travel between PNG and North America/Area 1

Passenger Type Number of Pieces PNG to
North America / Area 1
Business Class 2 pieces 40kg
 Passenger Type  Number of Pieces  PNG to
North America / Area 1
Economy Class 2 pieces 30kg



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