Air Pannonia

Air Pannonia in Osijek, Croatia contact Address, Phone, Email and Website Address : Ulica Jablanova 21, 31000 Osijek, CROATIA Phone:  00 385 98 18 29 163 Email: [email protected] OPERATING AND SALES DEPARTEMENT Phone:  +385 91 3506 580 Email: [email protected] Air Pannonia Official website: Types of Planes / Air craft […]

Air Pannonia in Osijek, Croatia

Air Pannonia Baggage Allowance Objects of significant value (cash, securities, documents, valuables, computers, mobile phones and similar devices, cameras and other valuable or irreplaceable objects), as well as drugs for personal use during the journey, must be carried by the passengers as Hand Luggage. As a rule, the volume of […]

Air Pannonia Baggage Allowance