AirAsia Airline Red Carpet / Quick boarding Service: How to avail / pre book online and Fee?

What is AirAsia Red Carpet Service?

Passengers who wants to skip the waiting time / queue can use this service in AirAsia which is simply a Quick Boarding Service. Red carpet guests will get

  • priority check-in
  • priority baggage which saves the time in the baggage after getting down from the airline
  • priority boarding

How to avail / pre book AirAsia Airline Red Carpet?


  1. Visit
  2. Click AirAsia Manage My booking where you can find the service “Red carpet”
  3. Passengers can book before 1 hour prior to the flight departure
  4. Charge is Rs. 500. Confirm and make the payment

At the Airport

  1. Passengers can also pre-book at the airport on arrival before one hours to the flight departure by paying Rs. 500

For more details, visit

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