Alaska Airlines Airport baggage phone number in Louisiana (LA), USA 1

Alaska Airlines Airport baggage service offices in Louisiana (LA), New Orleans


New Orleans 504-466-6216

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One thought on “Alaska Airlines Airport baggage phone number in Louisiana (LA), USA

  • Morgan Bethany Williams

    I arrived yesterday at MSY from a connecting flight on American Airlines. My confirmation code was: FSJNHE. I voluntarily checked my bag from Alaska Airlines ( confirmation code: NBJYLG). I noticed that instead of my name on the baggage claim it was: Charles Graves III.The following bags were at the baggage claim: AS 36-66-30 and AS 36-66-31 however AS 48-52-05 was missing. Could you check to see if my bag would be in sequence of AS 36-66-29 or AS 36-66-32. I purchased flight insurance. Will I be reimbursed if bag is not located?