Alaska Airlines Airport baggage phone number in Oklahoma (OK), USA 1

Alaska Airlines Airport baggage service offices in Oklahoma (OK)

Oklahoma City:

Baggage phone number: 405-681-2454

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One thought on “Alaska Airlines Airport baggage phone number in Oklahoma (OK), USA

  • Brenda Almquist

    I waited 17 hours for my luggage to be delivered. The email I received told me they would be delivered (Altus AFB). I received a call at 7:48 telling me he would be here in 2 hours but he couldn’t get on base. My daughter was going to meet him off base. At midnight I called the gentleman and he was not sure when he was coming as he had other luggage to deliver. I could not ask my daughter to meet someone off base at that time in the morning as she works. I need to find out when my bag will be delivered. My flight arrived Saturday and I still don’t have my luggage