Aleutian Airways Baggage

Aleutian Airways Baggage Fees & Policies

  • All passengers are allowed one free personal item (16x16x9) up to 16 lbs.
  • Overweight personal items, may be charged a baggage fee.
  • Due to the weight and balance constraints, our priority is to carry customer’s first bag.
  • Additional baggage may, however, be checked-in and accepted on a standby, space-available basis.
Number of Bags FEE
Checked bag #1 $40.00 each. FREE on Refundable fare and for Aleutian Club members
Checked bag #2* $40.00 each
Checked bag #3+ $100.00 each
Overweight Bag 51-100lbs $60 + Checked Bag Fee
Oversize Bag 63”-115” $100.00
Military Bag Fees* FEE
First 3 bags, up to 70 lbs FREE; Additional bags or additional weight is subject to standard baggage fees
Other Fees  FEE
Pet in Cabin $95.00
Pet In Cargo Hold** $95.00
Bikes (Must be boxed) $75.00
Name Change $25.00
Unaccompanied Minor $75.00

*Active duty only; orders required
**Animals cannot weight more than 100 pounds WITH kennel. Rabies certificate is required.
***Fees subject to change

Items are not Allowed at any Time in Aleutian Airways

  • Aerosol products (such as cooking spray or anti-static spray)
  • Bleach, drain cleaners or pesticides
  • Fireworks or explosives
  • Gunpowder like Pyrodex, black powder, mace and pepper spray or bear deterrent
  • Torch or blue flame lighters and all lighter refills
  • Fuels (like gasoline or Sterno cans)
  • Paints, stains or lubricant
  • “Strike-anywhere” matches
  • Meals Ready to Eat (MREs)
  • Hoverboards, balance gliders, self-balancing boards or motorized riding suitcases that use lithium or lithium-ion batteries
  • Items with refrigerants including refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers or dehumidifiers

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