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Excess Baggage

Please bear in mind that for tickets issued as of February 1, 2016, changes in the excess baggage charges apply from North America to Central America (in both ways). Not applicable for flights from North America to El Salvador (in both ways).

Any excess weight above the free baggage allowance is considered excess baggage and can only be transported by paying an additional fee. Overweight, oversize and additional items travel subject to available space on the aircraft. The Airline will make every effort to ensure that baggage registered with a Conditional/Standby bag label arrives on the same flight

However, due to limitations of the operation, there is a possibility that baggage will not be transported on the same flight as the passenger and will be sent on the first flight with available capacity within 4 days following the arrival date at the final destination for a domestic flight or 8 days later for an international flight.

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2 thoughts on “Avianca Excess Baggage

  • Promobras Sàrl

    How much does an excess baggage (23 kg) cost for an itinerary from Quito to Geneva and return to Quito in economy class.

    Is an accompagnement necessary for minor 16 years old?

    What are the contacts for travel agents in Switzerland?

  • Luis & Theresa Orellana

    I need to pay two extra baggage from me and my husband,We are flying to san Francisco,California,where can I call?