Cebu Pacific Airline – CoronaVirus (nCoVid 19) Travel updates 1

Due to the novel CoronaVirus (nCoVid 19), many countries restricted the travel. Update your contact details via Manage booking to receive the latest updates or notifications regarding coronavirus or any updates in Cebu Pacific airline. Customers can also check the website for the latest flight updates, rebooking and refund options.

Cebu Pacific and CEBGO Flights are Cancelled from March 19 until April 14, 2020 due to CoronaVirus (nCoVid 19)

Manila-Tokyo (Narita)-Manila
Manila-Ho Chi Minh-Manila
​​Manila-Bali (Denpasar)-Manila

For more details, visit

Cebu Pacific Airline Refund or Rebooking due to Coronavirus

Passenger who wants refund for the booked flight or rebook the flight on another date, you can contact the travel agent or Cebu Pacific office directly.

Customers who wants to rebook and refund, please follow the below link.

Cebu Pacific Rebook and Refund

To know more details for travel restrictions due to CoronaVirus (nCoVid 19) on many countries, visit here


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One thought on “Cebu Pacific Airline – CoronaVirus (nCoVid 19) Travel updates

  • Sam Shelley

    Sam Shelley

    My flight was canceled because of the Virus ticket # 2352412016831
    Turkish air thy said to write to you and I will get my money back
    My number is 949-232 8555