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Corendon Airlines

Corendon Airlines in Antalya, Turkey

Corendon Airlines is a Turkish leisure airline headquartered in Antalya and based at Antalya Airport. The airline was founded in 2004 with flight operations starting in April 2005. Flight hours per year grew from 6,200 in 2005 to 30,000 in 2013.




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Corendon Airlines Antalya, Turkey Address:
Guzeloluk Mahallesi 1879 Sokak No :148 Muratpasa / Antalya / TURKEY

Email: [email protected]

Call Center

Whatsapp: +90 216 444 4737
Working hours:
09:00 and 18:00 seven days a week.

Corendon Airlines Customer care

Corendon Airlines Customer care number Turkey:  +90 242 44 44 737
Corendon Airlines Customer care number Netherlands: +31 20 499 0237
Corendon Airlines Customer care number Germany: +49 211 9543 9061
Corendon Airlines Customer care number Belgium: +32 2 273 0428
Corendon Airlines Customer care number Poland: +48 22 524 4451
Corendon Airlines Customer care number England: +44 20 349 906 42
Corendon Airlines Customer care number Other countries: +90 216 444 4 737
Corendon AirlinesCustomer Relations Department number: +90 242 323 60 07

Email : [email protected]

Corendon Airlines Lost / Damaged / Missed Luggage

For missing or damaged luggage, contact Corendon Airlines at the e-mail address below:

Email: [email protected]

Map: View direction here

Corendon Airlines Official website:

Corendon Airlines Online Check-in: www.Corendon check-in

NoteOnline Check-in from 48 hours before departure of your flight and print your own boarding pass.
Check Corendon Airlines schedule here: www.Corendon schedule

Check Corendon Airlines flight status here: www.Corendon status

Corendon Airlines Baggage Allowance

View Corendon Airlines Hand | Cabin baggage, Checked baggage, Excess baggage charges, over weight baggage charges, over size baggage charges in the above link.

Corendon Airlines – Food and Beverage on board

For queries on food and beverage at the flight, please email to [email protected]

Travel while pregnant in Corendon Airlines

Expectant mothers can travel in corendon airlines upto 36 weeks for single pregnancy and 32 weeks for multiple pregnancy.

From the 24th week of pregnancy onwards, passengers are requested to fill in a health form at the counter during check-in.

For more details, please visit

Corendon Cargo Contact Phone number | Email | Fax | Website

Phone: +90 549 791 03 83
Fax: +90 242 3243240
E-mail:  [email protected]

Near-by Airports:

Attractions in Turkey:

Types of Planes / Air craft available with Corendon Airlines

Total fleet: 23

  • Boeing 737-800 23 189
  • Boeing 737 MAX 8

Queries handled by Corendon Airlines Customer care:

Flight Ticket Booking, Ticket Cancellation, Flight Ticket Rescheduling, Ok to Board, Visa Services, Online Check-in, Baggage Allowance, Duty Free Allowance, Flight Information, Airport Lounges, Visa Information, In-Flight Meals, Airport Transfers, Missing Luggage, Immigration Services, Valet Parking, Meet and Greet, Flight Wifi, Airport Wifi, In-Flight Entertainment, Airport Facilities, Delayed Flights, Visa on Arrival, First Class, Business Class, Economy Class

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10 thoughts on “Corendon Airlines Customer care Phone number | Address | Email

  • Duncan

    Sir/ Madam,
    We are having problems trying to get a correct price for traveling with 60kg of hold baggage.
    Can you give me a quote for a oneway flight.
    Some time next week Hugharda to Amsterdam and let me know the baggage allowance.
    Many thanks.

  • Munira Al Kindi

    My luggage has not reached me. I travelled from Amsterdam from Prague but there was a short time to transfer the baggage. I received a message on my phone that my luggage will not reach same as myself. I expected the luggage to reach me today but no news. Flight No. KL0421 – 11/7/3019. 0074601340/192 – 0074601465/192 – 0074601385/192. Please follow up. Munira Al Kindi

    • Editor G

      Hello Fatima
      This is not the official Airline website. Our site is a customer care info website. Anyway, we count yours as negative feedback for this airline.

  • Mario

    It is impossible to reach Corendon Airlines by phone about my online check-in. How long in advance can I do check-in for returning flight?

  • Geert Christiaen

    Spa, 10 September 2021

    Geert CHRISTIAEN (With mail)
    Efeler Mah. 1336 Sok. No 12 – D 1
    09270 DIDIM/AYDIN
    0090 542 440 71 01



    Subject: Not accept the certificate essential travel drafted by the BELGIAN EMBASSY in Turkey.

    Ref.: 1. Certificate essential travel of my spouse HANNA KARDASH from 10/08/2021 (In annex).
    2. Flight Corendon XC 3531 dd. 08/09/2021 Izmir/Brussels.
    3. Rules Belgium “”.
    4. Rules “IATA ” for Belgium dd. 01/09/2021.


    What happened during the morning on 08/09/2021 in the international airport at Izmir is NOT acceptable for me and for a company that provides international passenger transportation.

    The staff and manager at IZMIR airport do not know the rules to fly to Belgium. They are not competent and not professional.

    Corendon company, on its own web page, prescribes the following rules necessary for the execution of the company’s employees:
    – we always follow the rules determined by the legal authorities of the country you are going to…
    – travel restriction by country Belgium
    – please visit the International Air Transport Association (IATA page)

    But your staff do not know this rules.

    Staff and the manager of your company in Izmir are not enough competent and professional to accept an official certificate of the Belgium Embassy in Turkey. They don’t know the samples of official documents of the countries with which company Corendon works.
    They took care of me like a dog with following words: “come, come, come and sit here, stay to sit and stay quit…”
    This dog – read: me” was very unhappy and barked back because I knew we were completely in order with all the necessary documents to travel to Belgium. I had to get help from the Izmir airport police.
    We asked the manager to sort out the situation. We warned that it may have problems due to incorrect operation. The woman manager replied that she was not worried, she needed to leave.

    It is UNACCEPTABLE that a BELGIAN NATIONAL and family with an OFFICIAL DOCUMENT from the BELGIAN EMBASSY were treated this way. The staff and “manager” of your company INSULTED me by saying THAT I HAD CREATED THIS DOCUMENT MYSELF.
    In short: that I am a CRIMINAL SCAMMER, CHEATER AND CRIMINAL. This is UNACCEPTABLE and offensive for me and for a civilized company of international class like Corendon. Point.
    Because of my old position as secretary of the Defense Attache at the Belgian Embassy in Ukraine from 2007 to 2012, I know very well what can, should and should be done with documents from a Belgian Embassy in another country.
    My wife and myself wasted our time and were in an UNHEALTHY situation. We are SICK of it. We comply with ALL regulations to stay in Turkey and STRICTLY follow all regulations during this difficult time. I will not write how we felt in this stressful situation.

    I ask you to draw the necessary conclusions from this situation. I urge you to allow competent and only competent employees to work and who knows rules. If I were to make false documents, your staff would follow, it is advisable to close your company. From the point of view of this IZMIR co-workers, ALL passports, ALL vaccination certificates and ALL QR-code documents MAY also be forged.

    Valid documents of foreigners countries are also valid in Turkey and vice versa. I would like to hear a clear answer about this situation from the general management of Corendon and apply disciplinary action. Hoping for a clear and correct answer. I would like to thank you for reading this letter carefully.

    With the highest regard,
    Geert Christiaen

  • Tijen Lee

    To whom this may concern,

    I am writing to express how disappointed and totally dissatisfied I was with your so called airline service!

    These are the following reasons why:
    1) Flight number: XC8134 from London Gatwick to Antalya 11:20am on 07/08/2022
    This flight was delayed by two and a half hours as there was a head count issue.Your staff including two Gatwick staff did the head count over four times, this included your staff continually asking me how old my baby was. You then decided to take all our boarding passes and cross referenced on a check sheet over 3 times and still you couldn’t find the issue. The whole time we had to remain seated with a one year old. The whole reason we decided to vacate to a country that was not long hall was because of having to keep our baby settled on the flight…you kept us sitting down a whole 2 and a half hours providing us with no zircon, no refreshments and not to mention the constant questioning of my babies age. what on earth!!!!!
    This whole total mess delayed us which meant we got to our hotel later, we had. missed dinner, our check in was delayed which caused room issues with the hotel and you totally ruined the fun start to our holiday.

    2- Flight Number XC8171 From Antalya to Gatwick 13:30pm on 15/08/2022
    We tried to check in the day before our flight on our laptop, iPad and mobile phones over ten times but your website is absolutely shocking it wasn’t letting us complete our transaction. This had happened to most of the people on the flight as we spoke to people whilst queuing at the airport. Your staff member at the check in desk was so rude and said we have done the wrong thing and we needed to pay an additional 30 euros despite us already paying extra when we selected our seats online. We tried paying with debit cards, credit cards which worked perfectly throughout our whole holiday and even on the flight to Antalya when buying refreshments on the flight. we didn’t have any euros but were very lucky to have had English pounds, you however didn’t have change to give us and insisted that we go to the change desk if we wanted our change back. It is not our job to run around an airport in a different country to get our change back… so we said for you to keep the additional money. You could have easily resolved this by providing us with a free flight drink or something but instead we received nothing. Your flight was delayed by 30 minutes for no reason what so ever and the plane was dirty and chewing gum was stuck all in my seat pocket where I planned on keeping the babies water and milk etc (seat no 5C) I did tell a member of your staff on the flight but she didn’t do anything about it.

    Having travelled many times I have to say the treatment from your staff and services have to be the absolute worse experience I have ever been faced with.

    Your staff need further training on their customer service skills as they have none what so ever, its not as if it was even a language issue because I am able to speak Turkish as well as English. They are very very very rude!
    your website needs updating as a matter of urgency.

    my husband and myself are awaiting what level of compensation you will be offering us for such a poor experience.