Finnair Airline Vacations Customer Care Phone number, Packages, Requirements

Finnair Airline Vacations / Holidays Customer Care Phone number, holiday destination, how to book your packages,

Customer service: 1800 102 1233

Choose your package:

  • Flights
  • Award flight
  • Flight + hotel

Finnair Vacation Trips

  • Round trip
  • One way
  • Multi-city

Finnair Holiday Destination

  • Finland
  • Africa
  • Americas
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe
  • Middle East

Finnair Ticket Types

  • Business Class
  • Premium Economy
  • Economy Class

How to book your vacation with Finnair Airline Vacations / Holidays?

  1. Visit Finnair Vacation homepage
  2. Choose the package
  3. Enter the departure date and return date
  4. Enter the origin and destination airport
  5. Search and Book your trip
  6. You can also add your baggage option

How to earn Finnair Plus Points from Flights?

Login to Finnair Plus Member

If you are a Finnair Plus member, you can earn award points and tier points. You’ll earn equal amount of both Finnair Plus award points and tier points, when you fly with Finnair / oneworld partners and the points is based on the zone or distance flown and the ticket type or booking class.

Points from Finnair flights

  • You can earn points from scheduled Finnair flights.
  • Include Finnair Plus number in the booking or claim your missing points after the flight.
  • Ticket types and booking classes varies (Depends on the travel class, price, date of booking, ticket’s flexibility and conditions of carriage).
  • Earn points from Finnair’s partner bus services (AY9601– AY9602 and AY9605–AY9606): Between Tampere or Turku and Helsinki Airport when booked as a connection for Finnair flights.
  • The number of points is per flight in one direction.

Points from oneworld flights

  • If you’re a Finnair Plus member, you’ll earn Finnair Plus award points and tier points when you fly with any of Finnair oneworld partner airlines.
  • Number of points depends on the travel class, booking class and distance flown in kilometres.
  • You’ll earn more Finnair Plus points for American Airlines (valid on flights from 1 May 2022 onwards), British Airways and Iberia (valid on flights from 1 June 2022 onwards) flights with the tier point multiplier.

NOTE: You can’t earn points from oneworld connect partner Fiji Airways flights.

For more information, please visit here.

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