Generally IATA Codes are used in the field of airline and travel industry which is very important for the purpose of an airline identification, passenger and cargo traffic documents. The travel agents who wants to sell the international or domestic tickets are required to obtain IATA number IATA Codes are […]

How to obtain a IATA code?

The purpose of IATA Baggage Tag Issuer Code (BTIC) is a unique number to identify the name of the passenger, flight details, and destination. Procedures and documents required to obtain IATA Baggage Tag Issuer Code (BTIC) To obtain IATA Baggage Tag Issuer Code (BTIC), the following documents are required: Submit […]

How to apply and obtain Baggage Tag Issuer Code (BTIC)?

IATA Location Code is a unique three-letter code used to identify the location of an airport. If the bus station and ferry station is situated in airports, they can also use IATA location identifier. Procedures and documents required to obtain IATA location code To obtain IATA location code, the following […]

How to apply and obtain for IATA Location Code?

How to change any mistakes or error in your name in the booked flight ticket? Here are some guidelines to change or edit your booking details of the flight ticket. Each airline use different keyword for booking or editing the ticket details which you can find easily. There is a tab […]

How to change your name, contact details in the flight ...

How to apply for IATA accreditation to become IATA travel agent? Check the below procedures to apply for an accredited IATA agent Go through this Travel Agent Handbook​ and read about the instructions carefully. Application form, documentation and criteria may vary for each country. Select here for your country requirements. […]

How to become an accredited IATA agent?

Self Service Check-in -Mobile Check-in | Web Check-in | Kiosk machine at the Airport Everyone wants to save the time they spend for Check-in at the airport. Self Check-in is one of the option to save your valuable time. There are few ways to self check-in. How to use Self-Service […]

How to use Self Check-in at the Airport?