How to apply and obtain EU COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate for Austria-gruener-pass (green pass)?

What is Austria-gruener-pass (Green pass) / Green Passport?

Green pass is a simple 3G proof where the person has been vaccinated, tested, recovered. Green pass is a certificate for the proof of COVID Vaccination in addition to the previous proofs such as he paper vaccination card, vaccination cards, a notice of separation, a test proof or proof of neutralizing antibodies.

Austrian Green Pass official website:

How to apply and obtain Austria Green Passport / Green Pass?

Vaccinated, tested or recovered”: These are the requirements for being considered a person who has a low risk of infection with the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2). The green passport contains evidence (“certificates”) that you have received a corona vaccination ( “vaccination certificate” ), have a current negative corona test ( “test certificate” ) or have recovered from COVID-19 ( “convalescence certificate” ). All certificates with an EU-compliant QR code can be presented digitally, in the app or in printed form in combination with a photo ID.

After Log in you can view available certificates in the Green Passport application .

Austria-gruener-pass (green pass) COVID-19 Helpline

AGES Green Pass hotline: 0800 555 621 seven days a week, from midnight to midnight! (For all questions and concerns about the Green Passport and the certificates.)

The Austrian app for the Green Passport enables certificates with an EU-compliant QR code from Austria to be securely stored on the mobile phone and makes it easier to present them when 3-G proof is checked and in international travel.

Where to get EU COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate for Austria?

  1. Download the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store or Huawei appgallery.
  2. Scan the QR code on your certificate or add the PDF to the app via the share menu.
  3. Save on your device

How to check the validity of the Austria COVID Certificate?

You can check the validity through the app Visit Information for companies( and GreenCheck FAQ for more details.

Through Covid Certificate Scanner app

Android (Google Play)  and iOS (Apple Store) users can download and install the app

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