How to Obtain HES code?

HES code : What is HES code? A complete guide

What is HES (Hayat Eve Sigar) Code?

This code, which stands for “life fits into home,” enables you to safely share your Covid-19 risk status with institutions and individuals for activities such as transportation or visits under controlled social life circumstances.

Using the app or services provided by institutions, institutions can check for shared HES codes.

During long-distance travel, this code is used solely as a risk mitigation measure to help keep passengers safe from infection. For Covid-19 patients or those who have been contacted, public transportation will be unavailable. To let you know if anyone in your vehicle has been diagnosed as positive, we use this code.

What are the features of the HES code?

  • Turkish authorities will have access to the HES code and TR Identity Number in accordance with the above-mentioned laws.
  • According to the Turkish Ministry of Health, your HES code and TR Identity Number can be used to determine whether or not you are eligible to travel to Turkey.
  • Citizens of the Republic of Turkey and those whose Foreigner’s ID No issued by the Republic of Turkey begins with 97, 98, or 99 must use the HES code on all domestic flights. Its not mandatory for foreign passenger.
  • Twenty-four hours before takeoff, HES codes will be verified, and passengers will be notified if they are approved or denied boarding. Travelers whose health has not been cleared by the Ministry of Health will not be allowed to fly.
  • Each HES code has a specific expiration date or is valid indefinitely. After your last scheduled flight, the HES code expiration date must be no more than a week in the future. Your reservation will not be finalized if you fail to do so.
  • For infants under the age of two, you do not need a Health and Human Services (HHS) code.
  • SMS and the e-Government portal are the only ways to obtain an HES code for your minor children.
  • In the near future, you’ll be able to use the Hayat Eve Sar application to obtain a HES code for your children’s safety and security purposes.
  • Domestic flights with international connections currently do not require the use of the HES code (Trabzon-London flight via Istanbul). The HES code is required before domestic flights if there are more than 24 hours between flights.
  • People who travel with people who are not at risk during the trip will also be contacted for healthcare and guidance within 14 days of their return.

How to get or obtain HES code?

There are 3 ways through which you will get HES Code. It is necessary to obtain the HES code at least 7 days before your trip.

1. via the use of Hayat Eve Sığar App (IOS and Android)

By Mobile App

  1. Then Using the HES app, you can get to the screen where you can create your own HES code.
  2. Create HES code Under “CREATE HES CODE,” clicking “Add New Code” initiates the process of creating new codes.
  3. The duration of the HES code can be selected on the screen that opens after pressing the “Add New Code” button, and a name can be provided if desired.
  4. An individual’s risk of disease can be assessed based on the generated HES code, which is provided to the appropriate company, institution, or individual to whom it was shared.

2. With the help of SMS to 2023

  1. Send an SMS to 2023 with the following information: HES and National ID Number, the last four digits of the National ID serial code, and the number of days (in days) requested for sharing.
  2. Who have a Turkish Republic Blue Card ID or an ID number that begins with 97,98, or 99 are included in this group. Just Type HES ID number, date of birth, and time of day you were born in Turkey (in days). Separate each item with a comma. Send a text message to 2023.
  3. Non-Turkish citizens and foreign nationals who do not have an identification number that begins with 97, 98 or 99: Your name, nationality, passport serial number and birth date should be entered in the form of HES. Separate each item with a comma. Send a text message to 2023.
  4. You will get message for example YOUR HES CODE:

“U3H6 – 9247 – S5”

  • The code consisting of letters and numbers.

3. Via e-government portal

  1. Just click on the website.
  2. By using e-Government, you can create, delete and query HES Code transactions.
  3. A HES code can be created for children under the age of 18 using e-Government.

SMS to +90555 944 3821 with the HES Code and passport information can be sent to foreign nationals with no domestic GSM number to receive the HES Code and passport information with interspaces for those who do not have a domestic GSM number.

Children under the age of 18 can receive a HES code via SMS. The “Hayat Eve Sar” application and e-government are currently conducting studies to create HES codes for your children. These codes should be available in the near future.

How to use the HES code?

  • An individual’s risk of developing a disease can be determined by using the HES code generated by the related company, institution, or individual.
  • The generated HES codes can be sent directly or through a mobile app to institutions or individuals.
  • Using the HES codes you’ve already shared, institutions or individuals can see if you are at risk for Covid-19.
  • You can look up the risk status of others by looking up their HES codes, which they can share with you.

Who requires travel permit along with the HES code?

  • People who are 65 years or above will require a travel permit document along with the HES code for your international flight.
  • Apply travel permit through e-devlet app

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