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Jet Airways Check-in | Checked Baggage allowance for Economy | Premiere | First class

Check the below table for Check in baggage allowance for all the routes.

Interline / Codeshare Baggage Allowance

Route Via Economy class Premiere class First class
Indonesia to India Bangkok / Hong Kong / Singapore 30 KGs 40 KGs
India to Indonesia Bangkok / Singapore 30 KGs 40 KGs
India to Australia Singapore / Abu Dhabi 30 KGs 40 KGs
Kuala Lumpur to Jeddah 35 kgs (inclusive of 5 Litre Zamzam water).
New Zealand to India (POS:New Zealand) Auckland/ Christchurch / Wellington to India 30 KGs 40 KGs
Vietnam to India (POS: Vietnam)

Ho Chi Minh City / Hanoi to India

Bangkok / Hong Kong / Singapore 30 KGs 40 KGs
India to Africa and vice versa 2 pcs of 23 kgs each 2 pcs of 32 kgs each
Mumbai – Dar Es Salaam – Mumbai and vice versa 30 KGs 40 KGs
Madinah to India Abu Dhabi 30 KGs
Madinah to India Except Abu Dhabi 37 KGs
India to United Kingdom 2 pcs of 23 kgs each 2 pcs of 32 kgs each First3 pcs of 32 kgs each
India to Europe (For sales effective Aug 25, 2016) RBDs K & above – 2 pieces of 23 kgs each
RBDs W, O, V & H – 1 piece of 23 kgs
2 pcs of 32 kgs each 3 pcs of 32 kgs each
India to Seoul (For sale effective Feb 27, 2016 and travel effective Mar 1, 2016) 23 kgs 32 kgs each
US and India / SAARC / Far East / Gulf 2 pcs (max. 23 kgs each) 3 pcs (max. 23 kgs each
India to Kuala Lumpur 30 kgs (Limited to 2 pieces weighing 30 kgs in total) 40 kgs (Limited to 2 pieces weighing 40 kgs in total)

Baggage handling at London

For all baggage related issues at London, call +44 208 897 3464.

Check number of pieces / kg allowance for all class Cabin | Hand and charges applied in Excess, Over sized baggage in Jet Airways

Cabin | Hand Baggage

Jet Airways Over sized Baggage and charges

Jet Airways Excess Baggage and charges


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2 thoughts on “Jet Airways Check-in | Checked Baggage

  • Leseur

    Be very careful when booking on a jet airlines from bangladesh. The counter staff at counter 1 and 2 are there only to take bribes. They send you from one counter to another, then send you to the 3rd floor, then back to counter 1 and 2….then tell you you are late for check in.
    You lose your money, you then book again, and you arrive 5 hours before time, and again they do the same. When they can’t get this right, they then pull the “visa is fake card”. When they are shown alkaloid, they then call immigration and tell them your visa is fake. Not once do they even make phone calls tocheckvisa, they just take it upon themselves to say it’s fake.
    Then immigration demand money from you, when you refuse…you again dare said you are a no show and lose your ticket again. R32000.00 gone, no refund…and no more money to purchase a to go visit your wife in south Africa, who you have not seen in one year to marry in South Africa, and take her back to Bangladesh.