Jet2 Airline Checked Baggage

Jet2 Airline Checked Baggage

Each customer can book up to a maximum of 3 bags per one way flight (provided the relevant charge per bag has been paid) but these cannot exceed a combined maximum weight of the relevant allowance as detailed below. Anything over the allowance will be charged at the prevailing excess baggage rate per kilo. No single item of baggage can weigh more than 32kg.

The charge for each piece of baggage is variable depending on your destination and whether you make your booking via our website, our call centre or at the airport. Discounts may apply if you choose the on-line check-in option during the booking process.

The baggage allowance is 22kg for each travelling customer per piece of baggage booked and paid for. When pre-booking additional baggage in advance of travel, the allowance increases by 22kg per extra piece of baggage booked up to a maximum of 3 pieces of baggage, or 66kg, per travelling customer. No single item of baggage can weigh more than 32kg.

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