Kenya Airways Excess Baggage Rates | Charges 6

Check Kenya Airways Excess Baggage Rates | Charges in the below table

Piece/Bag  Domestic Intra – Africa 1/5th Freedom Sector Intra – Africa 2 Africa 1-Middle East/Asia  Africa 2-Middle East/Asia Africa -America/Europe   JNB – EUROPE / AMERICA 
 1st Piece 50 75 150 175 200 200 €30 / ZAR 470.00
 2nd Piece 50 75 150 175 200 200 €30 / ZAR 470.00
 3rd Piece and more pieces 75 100 175 175 250 300 €30 / ZAR 470.00
Baggage more than 23kg but
less than 32 kgs (Extra charge per kilo)
04 06 06 08 08 15 15
Special Baggage
Bike/Tandem up to 23kg
Scuba Tank Empty up to 23kg
107 cm
70 100 175 175 175 175 175
Arms and Ammunitions 20 50 50 50 50 50 50
Approved bag exceeding 32kgs and/or
more than 158 cms, but not exceeding
50kgs (SSR approval required e.g Motorized
wheelchair above normal free allowance)
150* 200* 350* 350* 350* 350* 350*



1.For each allowable piece that exceeds the allowable weight, excess baggage charges shall apply.

2.Chargeable special baggage will not be accepted as a free allowable piece including for frequent flyers.

Check here for Kenya Airways Checked Baggage, Hand Baggage Allowance here

Kenya Airways Checked Baggage

Kenya Airways Hand Baggage

Kenya Airways was established in 22 January 1977 and commenced operations in 4 February 1977 which is the the flag carrier of Kenya. Kenya Airways has its head quarter in Embakasi, Nairobi, with its hub at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

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6 thoughts on “Kenya Airways Excess Baggage Rates | Charges

  • Kasonga

    They are lying to customers. In August I have paid 500$ + VAT for two extra luggage while on their website they put 150$/luggage. I was travelling from DXB to FIH. Kenya airways is keep changing price without informing customers. I have tried to complaint at Jomo Kenyata airport but no way the agents were arrogant forgetting that it’s my money who’s paying his wage.

  • Sabina

    Kenya airways is the worth flight i have travel… they dont make there work clean… i did my bookibg 3 month before travelling.. when check in they told me i will not sit next to my husband the flight is full… my husband got seat between to woman.. and my seat was 3 row before him between 2 man… that was so embarassing… and they are always late… 40 minute late from paris… got only 10 minute to check in next flight back to mauritius.. they make us run in the aiport… and the journey in the flight was like i am in a fish market.. no one in there pplace..small groups in every corner talking laughting…and too much potatoes in there food…