List of Airports in Ethiopia

List of Airports in Ethiopia Address, Phone number, Email and Website through the below table.

AdabaAdaba AirportXqmw+gg7, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Addis AbabaBole International Airport (addis Ababa Bole International Airport)
Addis AbabaLideta Army Airport
Arba Minch (arba Mintch)Arba Minch Airport2hrq+88v, Arba Minch, Ethiopia
Asosa (assosa)Asosa AirportB40, Ethiopia
Awasa (awassa)Awasa Airport 3cv2+v55, Hawassa, Ethiopia
Axum (aksum)Axum Airport4qvg+rq4, Aksum, Ethiopia
Bahir Dar (bahar Dar)Bahir Dar AirportJ83f+732, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
Beica (bega)Beica Airport6w23+g3f, Estr. Manga Aeroporto, Beira, Mozambique
Combolcha (kombolcha) / DessieCombolcha Airport4p5f+vcq, Kombolcha, Ethiopia
DanshaDansha Airport
Debre Marqos Debre Marqos Airport8p8m+m8, Debre Markos, Ethiopia
Debre TaborDebre Tabor Airport
Debre ZeyitHarar Meda AirportP284+6hj, Bishoftu Town, Bishoftu, Ethiopia
DembidoloDembidolo AirportHv43+w4g, Dembi Dolo, Ethiopia
Dire DawaAba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma International Airport (dire Dawa Intl)Jv75+452, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia
DodolaDodola Airport22cw+2r2, Dodola, Ethiopia
DoloDolo Airport
Fincha (finichaa)Fincha Airport H9mg+8gq, Ethiopia
Gambela (gambella)Gambela Airport4hj8+phf, Gambela, Ethiopia
Ghinnir (ginir)Ghinnir Airport4px8+xpq, Ginir, Ethiopia
Goba / RobeRobe Airport (gobe Airport)
GodeGode AirportWhmc+xm7, Gode, Ethiopia
Gondar (gonder)Gondar AirportGc8j+h98, Unnamed Road, Azezo, Ethiopia
GoreGore AirportSection 7 Airport Rd, Davenport, Fl 33837, United States
Humera (himera, Himora)Humera AirportRvpj+hvp, Akwi, Ethiopia
JijigaGaraad Wiil-waal Airport
JimmaAba Segud Airport (jimma Airport)Mr8c+h75, Jimma, Ethiopia
Jinka (formerly Baco)Baco Airport (jinka Airport)Jinka Airport Jinka, 1016, Ethiopia
Kabri Dar (kebri Dahar)Kabri Dar AirportKebridahar Airport, 6.730586,44.245348, Kebri Dehar, Ethiopia
LalibelaLalibela AirportXxhm+6mg, Girany Amba, Ethiopia
MajiTum Airport7g59+mxx, Maji, Ethiopia
Makale (mekele, Mekele)Alula Aba Nega Airport (makale Airport)Fgfj+75h, Mekele, Ethiopia
Mekane SelamMekane Selam AirportPpfr+xcm, Mekane Selam, Ethiopia
MendiMendi AirportVm34+xpc, Mendi, Papua New Guinea
Metema (metemma)Genda Wuha Airport
Mizan TeferiMizan Teferi Airport
MuiMui AirportChild National Park, Ethiopia
Neghelle (negele Boran)Neghelle Airport
NejoNejjo AirportGfcw+q7m, Nedjo, Ethiopia
NekemteNekemte Airport
SemeraSemera AirportSamara, Samara Airport, Semera, Ethiopia
ShakisoShakiso AirportMxrc+98f, Mxrf+mx Reji, Shakiso, Ethiopia
ShilavoShilavo Airport3qh7+4h2, Shilabe, Ethiopia
ShireShire Airport95xx+h5m, Tocud Emni, Ethiopia
SodoSodo Airport
Tippi (tepi)Tippi Airport
WaccaWacca Airport5588+qqx, Terchazuriya, Ethiopia

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