List of Airports in Ethiopia

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Official Language spoken: Amharic, Oromo, Somali, Tigrigna, Afar

Capital of Ethiopia: Addis Ababa

Currency used: Ethiopian Birr (ETB)

Symbol: Br, ብር

Official Government Website:

Flag of Ethiopia:


Check the below table to view the list of airports in Ethiopia and the contact details such as address, phone, email, website, services/facilities and more.

Ethiopia – Adaba
Ethiopia – Addis Ababa
Ethiopia – Arba Minch (arba Mintch)
Ethiopia – Asosa (assosa)
Ethiopia – Awasa (awassa)
Ethiopia – Axum (aksum)
Ethiopia – Bahir Dar (bahar Dar)
Ethiopia – Beica (bega)
Ethiopia – Combolcha (kombolcha) / Dessie
Ethiopia – Dansha
Ethiopia – Debre Marqos
Ethiopia – Debre Tabor
Ethiopia – Dembidolo
Ethiopia – Dire Dawa
Ethiopia – Dodola
Ethiopia – Dolo
Ethiopia – Fincha (finichaa)
Ethiopia – Gambela (gambella)
Ethiopia – Ghinnir (ginir)
Ethiopia – Goba / Robe
Ethiopia – Gode
Ethiopia – Gondar (gonder)
Ethiopia – Gore
Ethiopia – Humera (himera, Himora)
Ethiopia – Jijiga
Ethiopia – Jimma
Ethiopia – Jinka (formerly Baco)
Ethiopia – Kabri Dar (kebri Dahar)
Ethiopia – Lalibela
Ethiopia – Maji
Ethiopia – Makale (mekele, Mekele)
Ethiopia – Mekane Selam
Ethiopia – Mendi
Ethiopia – Metema (metemma)
Ethiopia – Mizan Teferi
Ethiopia – Mui
Ethiopia – Nejo
Ethiopia – Nekemte
Ethiopia – Semera
Ethiopia – Shakiso
Ethiopia – Shilavo
Ethiopia – Shire
Ethiopia – Sodo
Ethiopia – Tippi (tepi)
Ethiopia – Wacca
Ethiopia – Addis Ababa
Ethiopia – Debre Zeyit
Ethiopia – Neghelle (negele Boran)

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