List of Airports in Romania

View the list of Romania Airports Worldwide Address, Phone number, Email and Website through the below table.

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AradArad International AirportAleea Aeroport, Arad, Romania
BacauBacau george Enescu - International AirportStrada Aeroportului 1, Bacau 600324, Romania
Baia Mare / Tautii-magherau-Baia Mare Airport (tautii-magheraus Airport)Strada 66, Nr. 22, Tautii-magheraus 437345, Romania
Bucharest / BaneasaBucharest aurel Vlaicu - International Airport (formerly Baneasa Airport)Soseaua Bucuresti-ploiesti 40, Bucuresti 013695, Romania
Bucharest / OtopeniBucharest henri Coanda - International Airport (formerly Otopeni Airport)Calea Bucurestilor 224e, Otopeni 075150, Romania
Cluj-napocaCluj avram Iancu - International AirportStrada Traian Vuia 149-151, Cluj-napoca 400397, Romania
ConstantaConstanta mihail Kogalniceanu - International AirportStrada Tudor Vladimirescu, 907195, Romania
CraiovaCraiova AirportCalea Bucuresti 325, Craiova 200621, Romania
IasiIasi International AirportStr. Moara De Vant Nr. 34, Iasi 700750, Romania
OradeaOradea International Airport Calea Aradului 80, Oradea 410223, Romania
Satu MareSatu Mare International AirportSoseaua Satu Mare - Zalau Km 9.5, Satu Mare 447024, Romania
SibiuSibiu International AirportSoseaua Alba Iulia 73, Sibiu 550052, Romania
SuceavaSuceava stefan Cel Mare - International AirportOrasul Salcea 727475, Romania
Targu Murestransilvania - Targu Mures AirportDn15, Ungheni 547605, Romania
TimisoaraTimisoara traian Vuia - International Airport (giarmata Airport)Strada Aeroportului 2, Timisoara 307200, Romania
Tulceadelta Dunarii - Tulcea Airport (cataloi Airport) Tulcea, Romania



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