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Miami Air International is an American charter airline based in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. It operates worldwide passenger charter flights for diverse groups including cruise operators, professional sports teams and the United States military. It is based in Miami International Airport. The airline was established in 1990.

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4 thoughts on “Miami Air International Baggage

  • Debra L Mester

    how do we check our baggage for an upcoming trip on this Wednesday March 6 flying out of Milwaukee Wisconsin on Miami Air?

  • Margaret LIttle


    On March 9, 2019 I flew out of Lansing Airport, on Miami Air to Punta Cana, Flight 6002, with Apple vacation booking number 55087475 and 55070369. About 6-6:30 am we checked our bags. My husband and I were traveling with four girls also. Each Apple Reservation had an adult and two kids on it. When I arrived at Punta Cana, I noticed out of my husbands David Pickering’s Checked bag, my noise marker was missing and so was my white baseball cap with New York written in block letters on the front. I use the noise marker at night to sleep. It was the last thing we packed in the luggage, right under the zipper.
    I reported this to my Apple Care representative, Ceaser when I arrived at the resort, in Punta Cana.

    When I got to the airport in Punta Cana, on the way back home, March 16, 2019 and spoke to a resprentative at Miami Air, she told me there was nothing she could do. I do not feel this is fair since I paid for my bag, I am not allowed to lock my luggage, but workers are allowed to take things out without being punished.

    When we arrived home, my husband confirmed that his belt was also taken an I pair of sun glasses. The belt was in the luggage under my name, Margaret Little. We have two checked bags. How can someone at the Lansing Airport have that much time to go through our bags and no one notice. I have flown many times over the years and nothing has even been taken, though most of the time I fly out of larger airports.

    I would like the cameras looked at to confirm who took our belongings. March 9th Miami Air, flight 6002 about 6 am to 6:30 am. It was difficult for me to sleep without my noise marker, which again was not fair. There were more expensive items in the bag, not sure why they picked what they did.

    To review:
    1. 50 pd bag, teal in color, under David Pickering: missing, white New York base ball cap valued at $10, sun glasses valued at $10.00 and white noise marker (looks like a speaker, octagon shaped with a cord attached) valued at $50.00 = 70.00 USD
    **I just reordered my noise maker from Amazon, if you need a copy of the receipt just let me know.

    2. 50 pd bag, grey in color, under Margaret Little: missing mans leather black belt, valued at $20
    ** I will be replacing the belt at Costco this weekend and will also have a receipt if needed.

    Total = $90.00 USD


    Margaret Little and Dave Pickering

  • Chrisdtine Donnick

    This is the second email I’ve sent to Miami Air with the same question.
    My husband needs to take a portable concentrator to use during the flight from Milwaukee to Jamaica in March. The concentrator has batteries to make the concentrator generate oxygen during the flight. We have a doctor’s letter for this concentrator.
    Is this allowed on Miami Air?
    Thank you, Christine Donnick