Mokulele Airlines Excess Baggage 2



Heavy Baggage (items weighing 51 through maximum 70 lbs.) $35 + applicable standard bag fee

For more details visit : http://www.mokulele airlines .com/Baggage/Baggage-Information

Mokulele Airlines Hand | Cabin Baggage

Mokulele Airlines Checked Baggage

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2 thoughts on “Mokulele Airlines Excess Baggage

  • kris murakami

    Can you please clarify…for luggage 51-70 pounds, it mentions $35 plus applicable standard baggage fee. Does this mean for this heavy baggage we will pay $55 ($35 + $20 for first baggage cost) for this checked luggage?

    Thank you for getting back to me 🙂

  • Allan Shannon

    I am a disabled Veteran and in the past with the previous owners my checked baggage fees were wavered. Is this still your policy? Mahalo