Norwegian Airlines Checked Baggage

All flights excl. long haul


  • 1 x 20 kg


  • 2 x 20 kg

International long haul flights


  • 1 x 20 kg

Flex, Premium and PremiumFlex

  • 2 x 20 kg

Size and weight limits

Pay careful attention to the size and weight of your bags when preparing for your trip.

  • Each bag must not be heavier than 32 kg or lighter than 2 kg.
  • Your total amount of checked bags cannot weigh more than 64 kg.
  • Each bag must not exceed 250 x 79 x 112 cm (L x H x W) with max. circumference 300 cm.


For more details visit : https://www.norwegian

Norwegian Airlines Excess Baggage

Norwegian Airlines Hand | Cabin Baggage

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