PAWA Dominicana Airlines

For routes destination from/to :  Antigua (ANU)* – Port-au-Prince (PAP)* – St. Marteen (SXM)** – Aruba (AUA)*** – Curaçao (CUR) Only is allowed one (1) piece of 23kg (50.6lbs) – Low Season / High Season, without cost. Extra Luggage Cost – Up to three (3) additional pieces (suitcases) are handled, always maintaining the permitted dimensions: […]

PAWA Dominicana Airlines Excess Baggage

Dimensions: Your checked baggage can reach a maximum total of 158 linear cm 50 cm high + 80 cm long + 28 cm wide. (19.7 “+ 31.5” + 11 “) Maximum weight: 23KG (50Lbs) For more details visit : PAWA Dominicana Airlines Excess Baggage PAWA Dominicana Airlines  Hand | Cabin Baggage

PAWA Dominicana Airlines Checked Baggage

PAWA Dominicana (Pan Am World Airways Dominicana) is the international flag carrier of the Dominican Republic. It was founded on 2003. It was created as a subsidiary airline for Pan American Airways. This airline has scheduled flights between Santo Domingo and other Caribbean and US destinations. It’s based at Santo Domingo-Las Americas. View PAWA Dominicana Airlines […]

PAWA Dominicana Airlines Baggage