Peach Airlines Excess Baggage

Heavy baggage charges must be paid in addition to checked baggage charges for baggage which weighs between 20 kg and 32kg. Heavy baggage charges are the same for Happy Peach fare and Happy Peach Plus fare. The charges must be paid for each section of the journey and are quoted in the currency of your first point of origin.

*To pre-purchase heavy baggage allowance, please call to our Contact Center or purchase at airport counter.
*Online booking is not available to add on heavy baggage.

The following items of baggage cannot be checked in:

  • Items exceeding the cumulative limitation of 100 kg per passenger.
  • Items of luggage which exceed 32 kg per item.
  • Items exceeding the total dimension 203cm.

For more details visit :

Peach Airlines Hand|Cabin Baggage

Peach Airlines Checked Baggage

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