Pokémon Air Adventures: Fly with Pikachu Plane, Flight Schedules

Pikachu Flight-Pokémon Air Adventures

Pokémon Air Adventures Flights – Fly with Pikachu Jet (Pika Pika Pikachu)

All the flights are decorated with Pokemon themed and the passengers are welcomed by Pikachu at the airport on screen and inside the plane also with cups and plates designed in the form of Pikachu

The following airline joined it’s hands to Pikachu Flight

Ana, China airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Scoot, Skymark Airline, T’way

Pikachu Jet Aircraft

You can enjoy a flight with Pikachu

Garuda Indonesia Pikachu Jet GA (GA1, GA2)

Official website: https://www.garuda-indonesia.com/id/en/garuda-indonesia-experience/garuda-indonesia-pikachu-jet#in-flight

Flight Schedule for May 2024

Flight Schedule Route Flight Number
06-May-24 Jakarta – Makassar GA612
Makassar – Jakarta GA617
08-May-24 Jakarta – Palembang GA104
Palembang – Jakarta GA109
09-May-24 Jakarta – Padang GA148
Padang – Jakarta GA149
10-May-24 Jakarta – Surabaya GA326
Surabaya – Jakarta GA319
11-May-24 Jakarta – Surabaya GA322
Surabaya – Jakarta GA327
12-May-24 Jakarta – Labuan Bajo GA452
Labuan Bajo – Jakarta GA453
13-May-24 Jakarta – Surabaya GA322
Surabaya – Jakarta GA327
15-May-24 Jakarta – Ternate GA648
Ternate – Jakarta GA649
18-May-24 Jakarta – Surabaya GA448
Surabaya – Jakarta GA449
22-May-24 Jakarta – Pontianak GA512
Pontianak – Jakarta GA513
23-May-24 Jakarta – Yogyakarta GA208
Yogyakarta – Jakarta GA209
24-May-24 Jakarta – Makassar – Palu GA608
Palu – Makassar – Jakarta GA609
27-May-24 Jakarta – Pekanbaru GA174
Pekanbaru – Jakarta GA177
30-May-24 Jakarta – Bangkok GA174
Bangkok – Jakarta GA177

Skymark airlines – Pikachu Themed Airplane

Skymark passengers are welcomed by Pikachu at the airport as a kiosk screen and inside the plane also with cups and plates designed in the form of Pikachu.

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At the airport:

Passengers can find the Pikachu at the airport in the form of Automated Check-in Machine (KIOSK), Boarding pass, Baggage tags, Sky Kids Pikachu straps

How to check the Skymark airline flight schedule: Arrival and departure?

With Skymark airlines, Pikachu aircraft named BC1 and BC2 available

  1. Visit https://www.skymark.co.jp/
  2. Select the Flight date
  3. It will display the arrival and departure timing

Where can you see Pikachu at the Airport in Japan?

At Naha airport, in the form of kiosk counters

What are the items you can find at the Pikachu jet?

Commemorative boarding medal, Commemorative medal, Pikachu jet model plane, Pouch, soft keychain are all available at the following airport

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Ibaraki Airport: The Kamejirushi shop Fukuoka Airport: Asahi Domestic Terminal Store
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Kobe Airport: Kansai Tabinikki Naha Airport: RYUBO Department Store JAL Side Shop / ANA Side Shop
Chubu Centrair International Airport: Centrair Official Shop SORA MONO Miyako Shimojishima Airport Terminal: coral port the Shop

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