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Crown Class Passengers
Crown class passengers are allowed two pieces of carry-on baggage in the cabin on all types of aircraft, except on Embraers where only one piece is allowed, according to the set size, weight and shape.

Economy Class Passengers
One piece of carry-on baggage is allowed per person according to the set size, weight and shape.
Each piece of Carry-on baggage for both Crown and Economy class shall meet the following conditions:

It shall be of a size, weight and shape to fit under a passenger seat or in an enclosed storage compartment;
Its weight shall not exceed 7 kgs.
It may have maximum dimensions of (9X16X20in) or (23X41X51cm) however, the sum of the three dimensions shall not exceed (45 inches) (115 cm). These dimensions include wheels, handles, side pockets, etc.

Special Note
In addition to the CARRY-ON allowance, the following can be accepted as carry-on items:

Passengers traveling with infants are allowed one fully collapsible stroller/push-chair or infant’s carrying basket that may be carried in the passenger cabin subject space availability.
An umbrella or walking stick.
A small camera.
A pair of binoculars.
A reasonable amount of reading material for the flight.
A pair of crutches and/or braces required by a passenger.
A laptop computer.

Passengers traveling with infants are allowed baby food and other necessities for the flight, to a maximum weight of 7 kgs/15 lbs., in addition to the carry-on allowance of the accompanying adult. Baby strollers/push-chairs may need to be checked in at the gate due to limited stowage in the aircraft cabin space.

Royal Jordanian Airlines Checked Baggage

Royal Jordanian Airlines Excess Baggage

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One thought on “Royal Jordanian Airlines Hand | Cabin Baggage

  • Kathryn Bridges

    I am flying in economy class in the fall, widebody plain. The carry on baggage allowance specifies one carryon bag plus others like camera bag or laptop. If I have one wheeled carryon to go in the overhead bin, can I bring a backpack smaller than a laptop bag (without a laptop) to go under my feet? How strict is this policy.