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SalamAir  is a low-cost airline from Oman headquartered and based at Muscat International Airport. It was established on 2016.


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One thought on “SalamAir Baggage

  • Mirian Ramos Ortiy

    i traveled fron Dubai to Nepal on the 9th of september but our bag did not arrived. we make a claim at the airport. they told us they will contact us but they did not do it. we tried to contac salam air since then but nobody answer. i called several times at the airport. i went personly to the adress form Salam air in Katmandu but the office was closed. i send also the claim to swissport and salamiarbooking und customercenter and until today no answer. plese send me the adress of baggage claim from salam air or i will contac a lawyer o any of those companies taht help us to fight against this irregularites and clam my money for me. best regards Mirian Ramos and Victor Rivera