Sibu International Airport (SBW) Malaysia Contact Details 1

Sibu Airports Call Centre

Address: Sibu Airport
P.O. Box 645
96000 Sibu
Sarawak, Malaysia.

Telephone: +608 430 7770

Fax: +608 430 7709

Email: [email protected]

Sibu International Airport Code: SBW


View location of Sibu International Airport:,111.986346&z=17&t=m&hl=en-GB&gl=US&mapclient=embed&cid=10658226350445329404

Location & Found:

A former military airfield, Sibu Airport was remodelled into a full-fledged commercial airport in 1962. Located 2.5km from Sibu town, it serves both the states of Sabah and Sarawak.Its single runway (2,745m) serves Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia, and Firefly.

Facilities at Sibu Airport(SBW)

In August 2012, the new terminal, which can accommodate up to 1.8 million passengers annually, was opened to cater to the increasing number of business and leisure passengers to Sibu.

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One thought on “Sibu International Airport (SBW) Malaysia Contact Details

  • GK Jankiprasad

    Had the misfortune of wanting to use the female toilet today ( 10th March, 2019 ) at approximately 10 am in the departure lounge. No toilet paper in sight! Checked all empty cubicles. None to be had. Asked the attendant who was present to procure some for me. Her answer ? There is none, not even a single roll is available in the store room. I asked her to contact her manager. She said her manager gave clear instructions not to provide toilet paper in the toilet because people using the toilets ‘waste’ the paper!
    I tried calling the manager but she was not available. I find this situation unacceptable. I am hoping for a quick response.