Singapore Airlines Eliminates the Need for a General Mask on Many Routes

The national airline, Singapore Airlines, revised its policy in accordance with the most recent Singapore Government directives and no longer requires general mask use on numerous routes.

Singapore Airlines adhered to government regulations by strictly enforcing the mask requirement onboard all of its flights, like the majority of Asian airlines. Any traveler six years of age and older was compelled to wear a mask throughout the journey and was only permitted to take it off for meals.

The Singaporean government, however, recently declared that mask use would no longer be required except in hospitals and on public transportation.

The good news is that, starting on August 29th, Singapore Airlines will no longer need its passengers to wear masks, unless they are travelling to or from locations that still require them.

At Singapore’s Changi International Airport, wearing a mask is no longer required, although travelers who still want to do so while travelling or while in the airport, regardless of their final destination, is still welcome to do so.

Singapore Airlines needs a mask onboard for their flights SQ25 and SQ26 due to German regulatory restrictions.

On the Milan-Barcelona flights SQ377 and SQ378 as well, masks are required due to Spanish regulatory regulations. As a result of Singapore Airlines setting the example by eliminating the mask requirement, its low-cost subsidiary Scoot may soon do the same.

Masks may conceivably be made optional on flights to Greece, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and Thailand by the low-cost carrier.

Scoot may decide to follow the lead of the main airline in making the use of face masks optional on flights to Australia but required on flights back to Singapore.

Nevertheless, regardless of any airlines mask policy, it would still be ideal for travelers to take a mask or two whenever and wherever they fly for the best avoidance of confusion given how numerous countries still require that mask-wearing be necessary.

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