SriLankan Airlines Baggage Allowances Checked / Cabin / Excess Baggage, How to Purchase Extra Baggage in SriLankan Airlines ? 21

SriLankan Airlines Checked | Check in Baggage (Free Baggage Allowance)

Weight Policy for Free Baggage

For routings excluding destined to / from North, Central and South America

Cabin Class Maximum Weight Dimension (length + height + width)
First/Business Class 40kg 158cm/ 62 inch
Economy Class 30kg 158cm/ 62 inch
Infant -All classes 10kg 115 cm/ 45 inch

Note: There can be exceptions based on specific periods, routings and fare types

Piece Policy for Free Baggage

For routings destined to/from North, Central and South America

Class Dimension No of Pieces Maximum Weight per piece
First/Business Class 158cm/ 62 inch 2 32 kg each
Economy Class 158cm/ 62 inch 2 23 kg each
Infant -All classes 158cm/ 62 inch 1 23Kg

Additional checked baggage allowances for Sri Lankan Airlines FlySmiLes Members and oneworld top tier members

*Not applicable for flights to/from North, Central and South America

*Valid only on UL operated flights and on oneworld carrier operated flights

Tier Additional Allowance
PLATINUM / oneworld EMERALD 20kg on all flights marketed and operated by oneworld airlines
GOLD / oneworld SAPPHIRE 15kg on all flights marketed and operated by oneworld airlines
CLASSIC / oneworld RUBY 5kg only on SriLankan Airlines flights
SILVER/SriLankan Airlines co-branded credit cards 12kg only on SriLankan Airlines flights
BAGGAGE PREMIER 25kg on flights within the Baggage Bonus network
BAGGAGE PLUS 15kg on flights within the Baggage Bonus network
Hand Baggage
Each piece of hand baggage must weigh no more than 7 kg and measure no more than a total of 115cm (l+h+w). In Economy Class, passengers are allowed one piece of hand baggage. In Business Class, passengers are allowed 2 pieces of hand baggage.
Cabin Class Maximum Weight Maximum Pieces
Business Class 7kg 2
Economy Class 7kg 1


  • The permitted Duty free item not be large in size and be able to stow in the aircraft overhead bin.
  • To control excessive Cabin baggage carried by passengers.
  • For passengers travelling with infants
  1. One Cabin Bag 56cm x 36cm x 23cm (115cm) weight of 5 kgs for passengers travelling with Infants Containing Infant’s food for consumption in flight together with Infant’s toiletries and disposable
  2. One infant’s carrying basket or fully collapsible stroller/pushchair (Can be carried only if space available in Cabin. If not, as checked baggage)
  • Devices that are not restricted – Medically prescribed Instruments/Hearing Aids/ Pacemakers/Cameras and Calculators.
  • Permitted during cruise -Personal Computers/Electronic Games and Compact Disc Players.
  • Restricted Device – Televisions/Radios/Remote Control Toys/Lap-Tops with remote control mouse etc…

SriLankan Airlines Restricted Items in Checked Baggage

  • Baggage with installed lithium batteries non-removable batteries exceeding–0.3 g lithium metal or 2.7 Wh.
  • Batteries, spare/loose, including lithium metal or lithium ion cells or batteries
  • Disabling devices such as mace, pepper spray, etc.
  • e-cigarettes (including e-cigars, e-pipes, other personal vaporizers) containing batteries must be individually protected to prevent accidental activation.
  • Electro shock weapons (e.g. Tasers)
  • Lithium batteries, spare/loose
  • Mobility Aids
  • Security-type attaché cases, cash boxes, cash bags
  • Thermometer or barometer, mercury filled

SriLankan Airlines Hand Baggage

SriLankan Airlines Excess Baggage

List of SriLankan Airlines Offices

Click the above link to view SriLankan Airlines offices Phone number, Address, Working hours and Customer Care Contact Numbers Worldwide.


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21 thoughts on “SriLankan Airlines Baggage Allowances Checked / Cabin / Excess Baggage, How to Purchase Extra Baggage in SriLankan Airlines ?

  • Dhinesh.R

    Hello sir good Evening my name Dhinesh my country india i I am worked for Saudi Arabia area Riyadh working house driver I am going to next month June 25 night 10.30pm india booking ticket Sri Lankan airlines 30 kg allowed hand 7 kg allowed kolla no problem Telivission allowed or not not allowed plz reply me sir

    • Hirdepal kaur Brar

      The baggage allowance for economy class passengers is 30 kg. is it ONE piece or can have TWO pieces with total weight of 30 kg.excluding hand bag


      • N,Murali

        I have booked for Muscat – Hyderabad Sector
        Can i carry two pieces of baggage with total weight of 30 Kgs per each ticket.
        Apart from above can i carry 7 kgs hand baggage for each ticket plus a laptop bag.

  • Uthuppu Baby

    HI SIR,
    I UTHUPPU BABY) planning travel to India,Kochi from Melbourne with my family by sreelankan airlines on 18/12/2017 .I would like to know whether you are allowed card board boxes or not as checked baggage.thanks.

  • John.chiriyankandath

    Tomorrow, my daughter is going to canada in your flight from cochin, Kerala, India. Is it possible to carry one bag with weighing 26 kg, but within total weight of 46 kg.

  • Thomas Kuruvila

    I am looking for the baggage allowance in Flight number UL 506 travellibg tomorrow 26/11/17 , we came from Calgary airport Canada to London Heathrow , from there we could carry 2×23 kg bag plus 7kg hand laggage per person. I would like to know, can we carry the same baggage allowance from London Heathrow to Thirivananthapuram airpot ,? it is a connection flight from here.
    Thanking you
    Thomas Kuruvila

  • Salma Agha

    TRAVEL ALERT: Sri Lankan Airline staff ask for varying sums of CASH at airport as “baggage fee”. They will quote different fees for same bags ranging from what comes in their mind. These staff members will CLOSE THE FLIGHT for you if you start asking for written Airline Policy yet they will board other passengers. The staff will not provide you wit their names and will disappear if you insist on getting their name. The staff will only provide passengers with hand written notes.
    Also if one reports this behaviour to the Customer Service they will CHARGE YOU A FEE TO CHANGE YOUR FLIGHT.
    I am reporting their staff to Chinese Government and other should be encuraged to do the same. Also people need to put this on social media so people stop using this airline.

  • Naveed Iqbal

    The baggage allowance for economy class passengers is 30 kg. is it ONE piece or can have TWO pieces with total weight of 30 kg.

    Naveed Iqbal

  • selvarajj

    pls im leaving from dammam my company takking tikket only yours airlines pls from dammam airport to india in tamilnadu madurai airport i take one tv 43 inch allowed ore not allowed replay ?

  • premachandran c

    I would like to enquired about the baggage size.
    I just want to know what is the maximum size of checked baggage.
    I would like carry a children’s bicycle the size of the box 135cm x 19 cm 70 cm
    We already booked ticket on Srilankan airlines. (Dubai to Cochin) flight UL22631st May
    kindly send an acceptance letter
    Expecting your immediate reply.

  • Krishnamurthy Mahadevan

    For flights bound for Australia from India can the number of baggages be 2 numbers but within the overall weight limit.
    Clarity is not provided on this aspect in your website.

  • V sudharsan

    We two are flying to Melbourne by Srilankan airlines from Chennai. Can I check in total 3 bags with weight not exceeding 60kgs? I need to carry a packed mixie grinder weighing 8 kgs

    • Veerpreet kaur

      I have a flight of shrilanka airline from Delhi to Colombo and then to Melbourne …I have a 30 kg of weightage . Is there allowed of one luggage bag…..or we can take 2 …

  • Rizwan Shaukat

    Hello Sir!
    I am Rizwan Shaukat here a student of Wuhan University, I have booked a ticket for 19th January, from Guangzhou to Lahore Pakistan,
    could you tell me, please can I bring 2 bags of 15kg? because I am not allowed to get more weight than 30kg.
    But I want to divide my luggage into 2 bags.
    Please allow me to bring 2 bags of 15 kg each.
    It would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

  • Glen


    I am travelling route excluding destined to / from North, Central and South America. Check-in baggage says 158cm but all bags that I have seen for purchase ranges from 168 to 180 cm. Does dimensions have to be fixed 158cm or can it go upto 180cm.

    Kind regards,

  • Lester

    I had booked my flight from Mumbai to Montreal(Canada) Booking # 220374121. My luggage was booked from Mumbai to Montreal. I did not receive my luggage at Montreal. When I approached the Air Transit person at Montreal told me that I should have taken my baggage at Paris. Can you please look into the matter and get my luggage delivered at Regina, Saskatchewan Canada.
    My cell # is +1 3065319220.

  • Vasanthamalar

    The fligjt. Ul 144 on 16th December 2023 from mumbai terminal 2 to colombo bandaranayaka Airport has been cancelled. I took alternative flight ul 142 17th December.
    My luggage are missing due to different flights. Many attempts made to get luggage. Colombo Airport blames mumbai International Airport and vice versa. Stupid administration. Where are my luggage. Still no reply