SriLankan Airlines Excess Baggage Charges

SriLankan Airlines Pre Purchased Excess Baggage rates

Passengers can book pre-paid excess baggage  via SriLankan Airlines call centre or at any of the SriLankan Airlines booking offices  and save up to 60% of baggage charges paid at the airport..

SriLankan Airlines global contact centre


1979 or +94 777 77 1979

Weight Policy

For routings excluding destined to / from North, Central and South America


Origin Destination Charge per KG in USD
Sri Lanka South Asian Sub Continent 10
Sri Lanka South East Asia 15
Sri Lanka Japan and Korea 40
Sri Lanka Europe 30
Sri Lanka Middle East 15
Sri Lanka South West Pacific 45
Sri Lanka Africa 25
SASC Sri Lanka 10
SASC South Asian Sub Continent 12
SASC South East Asia 15
SASC Japan and Korea 30
SASC Europe 25
SASC Middle East 12
SASC South West Pacific 45
SASC Africa 25
SEA Sri Lanka 15
SEA South Asian Sub Continent 15
SEA South East Asia 10
SEA Japan and Korea 15
SEA Europe 45
SEA Middle East 25
SEA South West Pacific 30
SEA Africa 45
Korea Sri Lanka 40
Korea South Asian Sub Continent 35
Korea South East Asia 15
Korea Europe 60
Korea Middle East 30
Korea South West Pacific 35
Korea Africa 50
Europe Sri Lanka 25
Europe South Asian Sub Continent 25
Europe South East Asia 45
Europe Japan and Korea 60
Europe Middle East 25
Europe South West Pacific 65
Europe Africa 45
Middle East Sri Lanka 15
Middle East South Asian Sub Continent 15
Middle East South East Asia 25
Middle East Japan and Korea 30
Middle East Europe 25
Middle East South West Pacific 45
Middle East Africa 30
Africa Sri Lanka 15
Africa South Asian Sub Continent 15
Africa South East Asia 25
Africa Japan and Korea 30
Africa Middle East 25
Africa South West Pacific 45
Africa Europe 30
SWP Sri Lanka 35
SWP South Asian Sub Continent 35
SWP South East Asia 35
SWP Japan and Korea 35
SWP Europe 65
SWP Middle East 45
SWP Africa 65
Origin Destination Charge per KG in JPY
Japan Sri Lanka 3100
Japan South Asian Sub Continent 3100
Japan South East Asia 2000
Japan Europe 8000
Japan Middle East 5000
Japan Africa 6000
Japan South West Pacific 5000

Area Definitions

SASC – India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives,
Middle East – Bahrain, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates,
South East Asia (SEA ) – Cambodia, China, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia,Kazakhstan,Malaysia,Philippines ,Singapore,Taiwan,Thailand,Vietnam
South West Pacific (SWP) – Australia, New Zealand
Europe – Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic,Denmark,Estonia,Finland,France, Germany,Greece,Hungary,Ireland,Italy, Latvia,Lithuania, Luxembourg,Netherlands, Norway,Poland,Portugal,Romania,Russia, Slovenia,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,Turkey, United Kingdom, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia
Africa – South Africa and Seychelles

Piece concept

Routings originating/destined to/from North, Central and South America

Cabin class Overweight charges 23kg – 32kg Extra piece Charge Maximum weight of extra piece
First/Business Class USD 250 32kg
Economy Class USD 75 USD 250 32kg

*Overweight charge – Increase the weight of your bag from 23Kg to 32Kg. The rates shall apply per bag.

SriLankan Airlines Checked Baggage

SriLankan Airlines Hand Baggage

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