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Swift Air is an American airline based in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. It was founded on 1997. It operates a fleet of business and commercial jets available for charter and private use. Its main base is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

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5 thoughts on “Swift Air Baggage

  • Becca Jewell


    I am traveling to Cancun on Monday, March 5th from MKE flight #856. We are going here to get married and I plan to take my wedding dress in the garnet bag as my carry on. The dimensions are: length 69 inches, width 19 inches, depth 9 inches. Is there a closet on the plane I can hang this in? and if not, it is a dress that can be folded in half in the bag (it is not your traditional, large wedding gown). Please let me know if this will be accepted.

    Thank you!

  • Betty Linville

    I paid for a check bag on April 24, 2018 for $39.00. I have not received any confirmation. Please let me know by email or 903_930_9761. Donald & Betty Linville. Flight#904 May 21st. Thank you.

  • Thomas T. Mao

    Flight #970 from O’hare to Cozumel
    Four of us are traveling and I was wondering if we are each allowed carry on baggage and personal items?

  • Rick Mazzotti

    how do you prepay for luggage for a charter flight already booked through Funjet? Cannot find anything on website. I am a travel agent and have been told to do this for my client.

  • Jane Glupker

    I have a Swift Air flight out of Lansing MI Sat. March 4 at 8:30 am. to Cancun. Do I need to prepay for the checked bags? How do i do this? Please advise. Thank you