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TAP Portugal is the flag carrier airline of Portugal, headquartered at Lisbon Airport which also serves as its hub. TAP is a member of the Star Alliance since 2005 and operates on average 2,500 flights a week to 87 destinations in 34 countries worldwide. It was founded on 1945. The company has a fleet of 86 airplanes, 66 of which manufactured by Airbus and the remaining 20 by Embraer and ATR, operating on behalf of the regional airine TAP Express.


View TAP Portugal Airlines Hand / Cabin | Checked Baggage Allowance and Excess Baggage rates in the below link

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4 thoughts on “TAP Portugal Airlines Baggage

  • Valentina Wainstein

    My name is WAINSTEIN, VALENTINA and my E-tickets number is 047-5170955148.
    I am travelling from LIS to ORY on 18/09/2018 and I want to make sure the baggage I am allowed to take in my flight.
    I got this to my email, where it says that free baggage is not included, but then in your web, it says something different. It says I can take a piece of 23ks because it is a flight between European countries. Please, could you clarify this to me? In case I will need to pay to check a piece of luggage, how much would it cost?
    Thank you!


      Hola, estoy muy complicada, desesperada en mi opinión- Viajamos el 25-09-2028 a Lisboa, Somos tres señoras mayores. Contratamos el vuelo mas hotel y traslado. Pero al pasar los días y revisando me doy cuenta que no podemos llevar maletas sin facturar.
      Entro a internet, pero como adulto mayor, no me manejo con la tecnología y no se como pagar las maletas a llevar. Que debo hacer para cancelar, tenemos derecho a equipaje de mano y cuantos kilos.. Que precio tienen las maletas facturadas antes del viaje?
      Mi localizador es : V 466 98962

  • Susan Bonner

    I had to pay 92 Euros for each bag my husband and I checked in Zurich flying to Toronto. It was ridulously priced as each bag was under the 20kg weight. I am inquiring as to whether or not I can get refund for this amount. It’s extremely expensive compared to other airlines.

  • dean

    hello i need to know how to take my dog and my guitar on a flight. i was told by a representative that i need to contact your air cargo division but nobody ever answers when i write. please assist.