Tianjin Air Cargo Hand | Cabin, Checked and Excess Baggage Allowance

Tianjin Air Cargo Co., Ltd., operating as Tianjin Air Cargo (formerly Sky Cargo Air and Tianjin Cargo Airlines), is a cargo airline in China founded by HNA Group and Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone. The airline received an air operator’s certificate (AOC) from the Civil Aviation Administration of China in mid-2018, with services commencing in September that year. It operates out of Tianjin Binhai International Airport with a fleet of Boeing 737 freighters, with plans to expand its fleet size to between 50 and 100 aircraft and launch intercontinental freighter routes in the future.

Tianjin Air Cargo Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Standard Allowance on Domestic Flight

  • Business class tickets:  Two pieces free of charge, each piece weighing no more than 7 kg.
  • W/E class tickets: One piece of free carry-on luggage weighing no more than 7 kg.
  • Economy class tickets: One piece of free carry-on luggage weighing no more than 7kg.

Standard Allowance on International Flight

  • First and business class: Two pieces of carry-on baggage, with the total weight not exceeding 10 kg.
  • Economy class: One piece with total weight not exceeding 5 kg.
  • The maximum dimension is not exceeding 20 x 40 x 55 cm.
  • Fortune Wings Gold/Silver Card Members, Tianjin Airlines VIPs and CIPs may bring on as many pieces of carry-on luggage as corresponds to the standards of their purchased ticket.

For more details: https://global.tianjin-air.com/GB/GB/travel-preparation/baggage-information/cabin-baggage-allowance

Tianjin Air Cargo Checked Baggage Allowance

Cabin class Upper limit of total weight Sum of the sizes of each piece of baggage Charging standards for excess (overweight) baggage
Business class 30kg Max. Weight of each piece of baggage should not be more than 50kg and Max. Volume should not be more than 40*60*100 cm. The baggage exceeding the above standards can only be checked with the consent of Tianjin Airlines in advance. The checked baggage exceeding free baggage allowance should be charged with excess (over-weight) baggage fee by Tianjin Airlines Co., Ltd. based on the price of each kilogram = full price of economy cabin for the said segment *1.5%. The fee will be charged by the unit of currency, CNY Yuan and rounded to ones place for unit price and to tens place for gross amount. By the unit of kilogram, the weight will be rounded to ones place. The maximum of unit price is limited to CNY 20 per kilogram.
Premium Economy class 20kg
Economy class 20kg
Infant 10kg
Minor Equal to free baggage allowance for adult
Fortune Wings platinum card member Another 30kg is allowed.
Fortune Wings gold card member Another 30kg is allowed.
Fortune Wings silver card member Another 20kg is allowed.

For more details: https://global.tianjin-air.com/GB/GB/travel-preparation/baggage-information/checked-baggage-allowance

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