Travel back or transit to Germany during COVID 19 situation: What to expect for your travel? 7

Traveling to Germany? What are the forms required to fill and What are the procedures to enter Germany during this pandemic COVID 19?

Travel or transit to Germany during COVID 19 situation: Procedures / Documents required

Mostly RT-PCR test will be conducted for the passengers arriving at the German airports. Effective from 11 th January 2021, passengers arriving to Germany from COVID-19 (Corona virus) risk areas will be required to submit a

  • a negative Covid-19 test certificate or
  • Completed COVID-19 Vaccination certificate
  • a medical certificate stated that the passenger has previously been infected with the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 ) at least 21 days and not more than six months ago (proof of immunity)

Quarantine at Germany after reaching Germany

There will be quarantine for 10 days. You can enquire your federal state for more details. To the quarantine regulations of the federal states (German only)

Digital Entry Application (DEA)

Passengers arriving to Germany requires to complete the Digital Entry Application (DEA) or a substitute application prior to departure

For whom this Digital Entry Application (DEA) is applicable, please read here

Procedures to fill Digital Entry Application (DEA) Germany

Enter the details such as

  • Mode of transport (By air or sea or land)
  • travel details such as flight number, flight name etc
  • Personal details such as name, contact number etc
  • Verification
  • Address
  • Number of people travelling with you
  • Summary

PCR Test location in Germany

COVID-19 test centers are located in Frankfurt, Munich and many other German airports.

You can check here for location to take COVID 19 PCR test in Germany here

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7 thoughts on “Travel back or transit to Germany during COVID 19 situation: What to expect for your travel?

  • Igor Bjelicic


    What are the conditions of entry into Germany for people who have survived COVID? I will be in transit through Germany. I fly from Estonia to Croatia on 17. April 2021. (Saturday)
    There is no clear information available on entering Germany anywhere except that I have to have a negative PCR test.
    Other countries have announced the possibility of entry with a doctor’s certificate or a positive test that was a minimum of 11 days.

    Can you explain to me if I can travel if I have a doctor’s certificate?

    Kind regards,

    Igor Bjelicic

  • Sydney Moss

    For travel from Phnom Penh to Hamburg on 06.20.2021 is the PCR Test Result within 72 hrs before departure accepted by the SIG Ground staff or is there a change? The German Embassy in Phnom Penh informed me no more 48 hrs now 72 is permitted. Please confirm this is accepted by your ground staff here in PP.

  • Minna Koskinen

    I am travelling to Finalnd from Spain stopping in Germany (Frankfurt). Is the anti-gen -test valid or do I need PCR test? I am just in an airport, not travelling in Germany.

  • Maja Barac

    I have been trying to get in contact with Swedish Lufthansa for 14 days, noone ever answers the phone it is ridiculous. What is the point of it? I live in Sweden so I guess I should call Lufthansa customer service in Sweden, but it is a joke. Reading about covid tests on Lufthansa page is unclear. In one sentence it says that those who are vaccinated don’t need to have a covid test, and in another one it says that they still do. I am just going to be in transfer in Frankfurt (I am travelling from Umeå, Sweden to Zagreb, Croatia), do I need to take a covid test or not? Even if I am vaccinated. Please, a simple yes or no will do.

  • Heinz Nossen

    Ich fliege am 14.4.2022 von Tel Aviv zurück nach Frankfurt/M, bin 3x geimpft. Brauche ich noch einen PCR-Testß reicht es am Flughafen vor dem check-in?

  • Heidi link

    Wir fliegen von Auckland via Hong Kong und Frankfurt nach Bremen. Mwir sind 3 x geimpft. Brauchen wir ein Covid test? Wenn ja was sind Bestimmungen fuer Hong Kong und welche fuer Frankfurt und Bremen.