Travel back or transit to Hong Kong during COVID 19 situation: Procedures and documents required 1

What are the procedures or forms to submit when you enter or transit in to Hong Kong?

Traveling to Hong Kong during COVID 19

Covid Vaccine is required for the children from 5 years old who travels to Hong Kong

From 30, November 2022,

  • Passenger aged 12 and above must complete 3 doses of COVID-19 Vaccine
  • Passenger aged 5 to 11 must complete 2 doses of COVID-19 Vaccine

During this COVID 19 pandemic situation, passengers who wants to travel or transit to Hong Kong must follow the below mentioned procedures

Note: Before plan to travel to Hong Kong, please check with your travel agent or airline about the further requirements.

  1. Passengers must use online form for the health declaration (Check the details below)
  2. Effective from 1st March 2021, government employees and members of the public must scan the QR code from the LeaveHomeSafe mobile app
  3. Passengers must take RT-PCR nucleic acid test and provide a negative certificate
  4. Book the designated hotels for quarantine. (Check the list below)
  5. Once arrived into the airport, you need to take COVID test (nasal and throat swab).
  6. If the test result is negative, you can proceed to the quarantine place and if the test result is positive, you will be guided by the health professionals.
  7. Once you arrived into quarantine location, activate StayHomeSafe app (follow the instruction)
  8. You are required to take test on 11th day by the government provided kit.
  9. On the 19th or 20th day following your arrival into Hong Kong, you will undergo another test in accordance with the instructions provided

Download StayHomeSafe app for android users and apple users

COVID test type accepted to enter in to Hong Kong

COVID-19 test type: RT-PCR nucleic acid test

How to use health declaration form to travel Hong Kong?

Submit the health declaration form to HKSAR Department of Health: Health & Quarantine Information Declaration for the travel.

  1. Go to the the online health declaration form
  2. Select the port you want to enter
  3. Enter the personal details (Name, gender, date of birth, nationality, ID card number,  Passport number etc.)
  4. Enter the recent travel history
  5. Enter the symptom of fever / cold / cough / sore throat / breathing difficulty if any
  6. Enter the flight details
  7. If you have completed a full cycle / course of COVID-19 vaccination 14 days before the scheduled departure date, mention as yes or no
  8. Enter the contact details and quarantine details.
  9. Once completed all the details, a QR code will be generated which you need to show on the arrival to the airport.
  10. QR code is valid for 48 hours

List of Hong Kong government approved designated hotels for quarantine

List of Hong Kong government approved COVID-19 Vaccines

List of approved / recognized lab for COVID 19 test in Guangdong, Macao SAR, Hong Kong

For any enquiries, contact

Clerical Officer, Port Health Division, Department of Health by email at [email protected]

Fax: 2833 0132

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  • Willis Ow

    To whom it may concern,

    Cathay pacific flight from Xiamen to Singapore (transit at Hongkong), are passenger required to take PCR test or any medical certification before boarding the flight?

    Are passenger required to take any PCR test when arrive at HongKong for transit?

    Kindly advise.

    Thank you.