Travel or transit to Senegal during COVID 19: Procedures and documents required to travel

During this COVID 19 pandemic situation, the below mentioned criteria are exempt from the travel restrictions and can enter into Senegal . All other passengers should apply for an exemption.

Note: Before plan to travel to Senegal, please check with your travel agent or airline about the further requirements.

  • To travel to Senegal or exit from Senegal, all the passengers over the age of two years must provide COVID-19 negative test certificate from your local authorized medical institution upon arrival to the airport dated 7 days before your departure.
  • Complete the passenger location form and submit the form upon arrival to Senegal.

For the passenger who are traveling from Senegal can do the COVID 19 test in the below mentioned location.

*Cost: 40,000 CFA

Address Phone Email
L’Institut Pasteur de Dakar, 36 Avenue Pasteur or on the VDN +221 338399233/232;

+221 338592851; +221 781033937

L’IRESSEF (Institut de Recherche en Sante , de Surveillance Epidemiologique et de Formation. Pole urbain de Diamniadio +221 338722588 ; +221 709541871;

+221 777016590; +221 775651176 or

Ngor: +221 777689999 ;

+221 773844747

[email protected]
Le Laboratoire de Bacteriologie-Virologie, Hopital Aristide le Dantec, 30 Avenue Pasteur +221 338893800 ; +221 776333017
Le Laboratoire de l’Hopital militarie de Ouakam, Km 8, route de Ouakam +221 762230485 or +221 773571731.


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