TSA Pre✓ Survey 2023: How many passengers registered?, Active members, Things TO / NOT TO Bring for TSA members

TSA Pre✓ Survey 2023

In 2023, TSA screened more than 858 million individuals, which indicates the agency intercepted 7.8 firearms per million passengers, a drop from 8.6 per million passengers in 2022.

Things you can bring to the Airport if you are an active TSA Pre✓ member

Frozen liquid

If you need to take the liquid like water, you can take it in a frozen stage.

Raw Eggs:

Fresh eggs can be taken in a hand / checked luggage.

Bakery (Cake, Pastries, Pies)

Yes, you can take the baked eatables such as cakes, pies, pastries. Make it transparent to avoid screening again.

Live Lobsters / Fish / Coral

Is it Shocking? Yes!!! You can bring live lobsters / fish / coral if your airline permits. It must be covered in a transparent and spill proof cover.

Boxing Gloves

Yes you can

Brass Knuckles

Yes you can take in checked bag

Things you cannot bring to the Airport if you are an active TSA Pre✓ member

  • CO2 Cartridge (*You can check with airline if it is necessary to bring)
  • Electronic Cigarettes and vaping devices not allowed in checked bag
  • English Christmas Crackers
  • Party poppers
  • Fertilizer

Can you take sea creatures in to the airport as a carry (Hand) / Checked Baggage if you are a TSA Pre✓ member?

You can carry a live lobster, pet fish, coral

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