Tus Airways Baggage Allowance

Tus Airways is a Cypriot airline headquartered in Larnaca International Airport. As of March 2018, Tus Airways flies to destinations in Greece and Israel as scheduled and chartered services.

Tus Airways was founded in June 2015 and is backed by investors from Europe and the United States. It was the first Cypriot airline to be founded after the dissolution of Cyprus Airways in 2015. Tus Airways began operations on 14 February 2016 with a Saab 340B operating from Larnaca to Tel Aviv and Haifa in Israel. In July 2016, the airline received its first Saab 2000 to increase capacity on its routes.In June 2017, the airline acquired its first jet aircraft, two Fokker 100. It subsequently bought five Fokker 70, bringing the total number of aircraft to 7.

Tus Airways Checked Baggage Allowance

Adult and Children

Weight: 20 kilos

Dimension (cm): 75 x 49 x 28 (Height x Length x Width)

Infants (up to 2 years old) – not occupying a seat

One pushchair and one car seat

Weight: one piece upto 8 kilos

Tus Airways Cabin / Hand Baggage Allowance

Weight: one piece upto 8 kilos

Dimension (cm): 75 x 49 x 28 (Height x Length x Width)

Tus Airways Excess Baggage

Prepaid Baggage Charges (Online via TUS Airways website/Call Center): EUR 20 / USD 25 per piece

Charges in Airport:EUR 30 / USD 30 per piece

Tus Airways – Students Free Baggage

  • Students who are travelling from “Larnaca – Ioannina – Larnaca” with TUS Airways will have free baggage allowance of checked baggage 20 kg and hand / cabin baggage up to 8 kg. Students must present a valid student ID card.
  • Students from Cyprus studying in Ioannina and traveling to Cyprus and back, and students from Ioannina studying in Cyprus traveling to Ioannina and back, have the right to check in bag of 20kg for free.

Travel while pregnant with Tus Air

Pregnancy rules in Tus Airways :

Expectant mothers can travel in Tus Air up to 36 weeks when in normal condition. After 28 weeks, pregnant mother should provide a medical certificate stating that she is fit to travel.

Download the MEDIF form, fill the form and send by email to [email protected]

For further information, please contact +357-24-0000-65.

For more details visit : https://tusairways.com/passengers-with-special-needs/

Travelling with Pets in Tus Airways:

Small pets such as cats and dogs are allowed to travel in TUS Airways and should provide a valid health and vaccination certificates, entry permits, and other documents required by countries of entry or transit.

Weight: 8 kilos (48 x 35 x 29cm)

Charge / Fee: EUR 40 / USD 45

*dimensions of the container/pet bag must not exceed the above mentioned weight.

For more details visit : https://tusairways.com/baggage-allowance-excess-policy/

For further information, please contact TUS Airways Call Centre +357-24-0000-65.

email: [email protected] ( for booking confirmation).

Tus Airways (Tus Air) Customer care contact number | Email for Reservations / Ticketing

View the details of Tus Air office in Cyprus, Greece, Israel from the above link.

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