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Vladivostok International Airport in Vladivostok, Russia Contact Address, Phone number, Email, Location Map, Website

Vladivostok International Airport in Vladivostok, Russia

Airport Name : Vladivostok International Airport

Address: 41, Artem, Primorskiy Kray, Russia, 692756

Mailing address: JSC “Vladivostok International Airport”
692756, Primorsky Territory, the city of Artem, ul. Vladimir Saibel 41.

Phone: (423) 230-68-90

24 Hour help desk: +7 423 230-69-09, (42337) 6-79-09

Business hours :

Fax:(423) 230-68-91

Email: [email protected]

Map: View direction here

Vladivostok International Airport Website: http://vvo.aero/

ICAO Code :Uhww

IATA Code : Vvo

Facilities at Vladivostok International Airport

  • Luggage storage
  • Handicapped passengers
  • Lounges
  • VIP room
  • Comfort Waiting Area
  • Information Reference Services
  • First-aid post
  • Mother and baby room
  • Wifi
  • Shops and cafes
  • Medical center
  • Animals & Plants
  • Car Rental
  • Ground Transport
  • Bank & ATMs

List of Terminals in Vladivostok International Airport, Russia

  • Terminal 1
  • Terminal 2
  • Terminal 3

Luggage Storage / Baggage Lost contact – Vladivostok International Airport

Luggage Storage ServicesBaggage Lost Services
Luggage Storage:

Luggage storage and hand luggage location: First level of the airport terminal.
Working hours: Around the clock.  Left-luggage office
Phone: 8 (800) 555-52-44
Email: www.packandfly.ru

 Baggage loss: If you do not find your baggage after the end of baggage claim, please contact the airport staff where you will be shown the procedure for further actions. In most cases, baggage is sent by the carrier within five days after the declaration of non-arrival of baggage.

Baggage Dispatcher: 8 (423) 230-68-43 , 8 924 730 0362
Opening hours: from 08:00 to 19:30
Lunch: from 12-00 to 13:00

Medical Center at Vladivostok International Airport

Medical center location: Ground floor of the airport terminal in the left wing at the entrance to the baggage claim area of ​​international lines.

Schedule: Around the clock. First-aid posts are equipped with all necessary equipment for first aid.

Phone of the medical center: (423) 230-69-03 , 230-69-04.

Car Rental at Vladivostok International Airport

Location: 1st floor, international airline sector (public area)

“Rent Motors Vladivostok”: 8-963-761-62-68 Email: [email protected]

“Avis Car Rent”: 8-800-250-12-31  www. avisrussia.ru ,   www.avisleasing.ru

Location: 1st floor, domestic arrivals area

“Real-East Car Rent”: 8-984-152-07-18,  www.renta-vostoc.ru

Buse Services:

Bus station of the city of Artem – 8 (42337) 4-70-25 ;
Bus station in Vladivostok – 8 (423) 232-33-78 ;
Bus station in Nakhodka – 8 (4236) 74-34-95 ;
Bus station of Ussuriysk – 8 (4234) 32-22-70

Taxi Services:

The airport operates a taxi LLC Primavtolayn.
Taxi dispatcher desk location: Domestic terminal near the exit of the terminal.
Phone of the taxi dispatcher: (423) 244-44-44; 292-25-55; (908) 992-25-55

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