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Vueling is a Spanish low-cost airline based at El Prat de Llobregat in Greater Barcelona with hubs in Barcelona-El Prat Airport and Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport in Rome, Italy. Vueling was established in February 2004 and commenced operations on 1 July 2004 with a flight between Barcelona and Ibiza.Its name comes from the Spanish word vuelo, which means flight. Vueling serves over 100 destinations in Africa, Asia and Europe and is currently the second largest airline in Spain..

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Working hours
0 – 24 h every day.
personalized attention: 9 – 21 h daily

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Customer service: 00 34 931 51 81 58

Baggage tracking: 00 34 931 51 81 72

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Note: Online Check in Passengers can check-in online anytime between 7 days and up to 4 hours before your flight departs.
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Total fleet: 108

Airbus A319

  • Airbus A319-100

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  • Airbus A320-200

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  • Airbus A321-200

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Flight Ticket Booking, Ticket Cancellation, Flight Ticket Rescheduling, Ok to Board, Visa Services, Online Check-in, Baggage Allowance, Duty Free Allowance, Flight Information, Airport Lounges, Visa Information, In-Flight Meals, Airport Transfers, Missing Luggage, Immigration Services, Valet Parking, Meet and Greet, Flight Wifi, Airport Wifi, In-Flight Entertainment, Airport Facilities, Delayed Flights, Visa on Arrival, First Class, Business Class, Economy Class, Punto
Iberia Plus

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66 thoughts on “Vueling (Airline) Customer Service in United Kingdom

  • Neil Campodonic

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    ref. no, QYZ7YP. Flight no. VY1243 from Cardiff to Mallorca, 10 October 2017.

    We recently booked the above flight with yourselves from Cardiff 10 October @ 17.50pm, but on arrival at Cardiff we were informed the flight was cancelled due to a strike by French Air Traffic Control, resulting in us eventually leaving Cardiff on Wednesday 11 october @ 21.45pm.
    Our booking was for 2 persons, myself and my wife Helen Campodonic.

    Under current regulations therefore, I wish to claim compensation due to a delay of over 24 hours.

    i cannot access your customer services on your normal website, and am happy to conduct this matter by post if necessary, but can you confirm receipt of my claim, and if you require any further information.

    Yours sincerely
    Neil Campodonic sent 31 oct @ 9.00am

  • ZJ

    There is no customer service!
    A message on the phone telling you how to check-in online but no person to speak to.
    Free seats not available in spite of msg advising random seating is free of charge. Selected random seating – cost 24 euros!
    No seats selected means cannot check in on-line! No check-in = no boarding pass. No boarding pass = further costs when we get to the airport ???

    • Deborah Whitby

      We are still waiting for a refund for a flight booked for 14/5/20 between Cardiff and Alicante. I have made many attempts to rectify this both by telephone and e.mail and actually been told we’ve been refunded (though we’ve not). Trying yet again today the booking number is not even recognised. I am losing patience and if we don’t get our refund soon I will pass this issue on to the flight onbudsman so I hope you can help. The booking code is TY49YI and it was booked on my e.mail [email protected]. I await your response

  • mary madden

    flight cancelled from london to rome. on hold with customer service. seeking refund for hotel in london, food, tour in rome, hotel in london. flight 6627 for may 27, 2018.
    i am on hold with customer service then disconnected. then told i have to travel to airport get info from them and then travel back into london with all my baggage. you have to travel to airport flight is not until tomorrow.

  • Goran Pilipovic

    File ref: BEGVY10274
    My bag was lost last Tuesday, 12th June.. Meanwhile it has been flown to Belgrade on Friday 15th but as l have already left Belgrade it was RUSHED on Air Serbia flight to LHR on Saturday 16th June.. The bag is there but nobody in your office (customer care number called already 3 times since Saturday) knows when and how it will be delivered to me… I have some very important documents inside of that bag that l need by tomorrow.. Please let me know how can l pick it up..??! I can even come to LHR and collect it myself but l need to know where is the bag at the moment?!

    • Debbie

      Dear Team

      Re Last ref 1733374726, 1733112643 & 1733896606

      As a large family we have booked to go to Alicante to celebrate my dads 80th birthday.

      We booked flights yv1240 from Cardiff 20th Oct 12.50 to Alicante
      and yv1241 from Alicante 27th Oct 10.45 to Cardiff

      We have all received different rearranged flights.

      On comparing our new flight information we can see that the above flights are still taking place, see 1733374726 for flight yv1240 on 20th Oct from Cardiff and 1733112643 for flight vy1241 on 27th Oct from Alicante.

      We have booked our accommodation and transfers around these flights along with our time off work.

      Please can you help our families (booking refs above) to stay together and be put back on these flights,

      yv1240 from Cardiff 20th Oct 12.50 to Alicante
      yv1241 from Alicante 27th Oct 10.45 to Cardiff

      Thanking you in anticipation
      Kind regards

    • Kathryn Molyneux

      Trying to get the offered cash refund for flights cancelled by Vue l ing is impossible. Have been trying g to get out refunds for cancelled October flights for weeks. Impossible although the refunds applications were accepted. Will never fly with Vuelng again.

  • Amanda Murray

    left Phone. I have emailed several times to report the lost of my mobile Phone. which was left in the seat pocket Information below. I have still to receive a reply. Ref. 1-1XSKWS3 – I am anxious to collect my phone as this is a company supplied device. Please can you call me asap on 02031485756 to discuss this matter urgently.

    Hi, I’m hoping that you can assist. I have left my mobile phone in the pocket of seat 19D. Further details below.
    Name. Ms Amanda Murray
    Flight no. VY7824
    Date. 30/07/2018
    Seat 19D
    Flight time17.25
    Flight from Barcelona to London Gatwick.
    Phone model. iPhone 6. Case is black with large flower pattern.

    Please can you reply to this email.
    [email protected]
    02031485756 or 07894584090

  • Sarah

    The customer service is ridiculous. They just “weren’t able to help”, so that’s it.
    I booked a flight and it has been pending payment approval for 36 hours now. I still haven’t received the confirmation email. But when I try to book the same flight, it says I already have this flight booked. But do I really? No one knows …

    • Edward Morris

      Hi i have been trying to contact Vueling which seems impossible.i have Flight Credit and when i booked a flight at the end of booking I clicked to take the Credit and it all disappeared when I tried again i only had a part of the Credit ,had no invoice no email nothing can someone help me out it’s quite a large amount of money to me
      Regards Mr Edward Morris

  • Sarah T

    The customer service is ridiculous. They just “weren’t able to help”, so that’s it.
    I booked a flight and it has been pending payment approval for 36 hours now. I still haven’t received the confirmation email. But when I try to book the same flight, it says I already have this flight booked. But do I really? No one knows …

  • Paul Williams

    (19/08/2018) Vueling flight delayed by 3.5 hours due to technical issues (within the airlines control) 15/08/2018 from Rome to Paris, flight number VY6255. Compensation claim form on website does not work (conveniently) it sends an error message when you hit submit. Customer services told me to input an Iberia booking code (instead of a Vueling code) but the form still crashes. Rang customer services again and they opened a claim on the phone and gave me a reference number. I will update this post when they get in touch and give me the compensation.

  • Jo Mok

    I have a booking a single Air Ticket from Barcelona to Majorca(Palma) on 17 August. After that I found you have twice extracted money from my Debit bank account. The first time, on 17 August 2018, the amount is £30.29.
    the secound time, on 20 August, the amount is £ 40.89.
    the Air Ticket total is £71.18. Can you explanation to me?

  • Andrew Harrop

    Dear sir due to your delay I missed my hotel reservations tickets for the Louvre in Paris and return tickets home to the UK this has been extremely expensive very upsetting for me and my daughter how is only 16 with missing the attractions what we had booked and not only sitting around in the airport for hours but being abused by your staff verbally The ticket office at Roma Fiumicino where one of your colleagues were extremely rude not just myself and my daughter but to other passengers you seriously need to give more training to your staff she gave no information of how long the cancellation was for to how to assist us to get flights back to Paris to see if we can get to To hour Hotel that we previously booked all it takes is a bit of decency and understanding I explain to her that I had been treated for cancer for the last three years and this was very upsetting to me I have use all my savings to take this trip and it’s ended up being a disaster would like to know exactly when you are going to compensate me and my daughter is for the financial side and the inconvenience missing part of my vacation PS my cancer can only be treated i’m not cute this may be the only time I could get on this trip . Await your response Andrew Harrop and paige Harrop.

  • v

    customer service is terrible!! Their number diverts to expedia now. This is an airline in trouble. Do not book with them, nDoes anyone know where I can go and see someone in person for the refund? The link to their page doesn’t work and you email them and they fob you off and never return your emails. this is all a ploy so they don’t pay refunds or compensation that customers are entitles to because of their service!!

  • Linda

    Your customer service is non-existent. We were delayed getting from Florence to Gatwick because of technical problems with our plane which was being repaired in Barcelona. It finally arrived and our new departure time was displayed more than 4 hours late. We sat on the plane for over an hour and then were told the windy weather was so bad we couldn’t take off and were deboarded, collected our luggage and queued up to find out about further arrangements. On our return to the UK we filed a flight delay compensation claim on your website as instructed by your staff in both Florence and Rome. Your reply said no compensation because the delay was caused by bad weather. You are a bunch of immoral liars. It was the fact that this plane needed to be repaired that caused our delay – NOT THE WEATHER. The weather did not deteriorate until after the plane had finally arrived from Barcelona. It does not take a great leap in logic to work out that if, indeed, the weather was the sole problem, then the plane would not have been able to land in Florence and would have been diverted elsewhere. We are absolutely disgusted that Vueling is trying to blame this unquestionable delay caused by technical problems solely on the weather. Vueling are trying to absolve themselves from their duty to compensate passengers. Under EU Regulation 261/2004, passengers are entitled to up to €600 (£536) in compensation when their flight lands at their destination more than three hours late.
    Vueling have not replied to further emails and looking at reviews of their service on both Tripadvisor and Trustpilot they never pay out compensation for delay, lost luggage etc. and are a completely immoral company who have got away with breaking the law on an exponential number of occasions by not paying out what they are directed to pay by law.
    You should be shut down. You are the worst airline in the world. DO NOT USE THIS AIRLINE.

  • Professor Philip Evans


    BA (Executive Club) just suggested I should consider that a month old email of complaint to Vueling may have ‘gone astray’ and I should make a final attempt to speak or correspond to someone in person at Customer Relations Vueling before publicising an unresolved serious compaint more widely. BA customer services have just resolved in their usual amicable manner their side of that unfortunate trip. Can you urgently now try to do likewise? Thank you. Here is the email letter I have tried to get through to you. Please consider it carefully
    I need your urgent help to resolve a very serious complaint which would appear to arise from the issue and sale of a promotional purportedly ‘business class’ ticket by one arm of AIG (Iberia) with business class promised prominently in black and white on the ticket for the first leg by the Vueling arm of AIG, and the second leg by the BA arm of AIG. (Booking P2QVG9 IB5423/IB7482 Ticket Number 075-2379585115). After raising this issue the day after the trip (31st Oct) with Iberia who promoted and sold me the ticket, I have had no personal response except to tell me (10th Nov) to refer my complaint to Vueling, which I did (15th Nov) from whom I have had no response or acknowledgement. I had deliberately chosen at my own expense Business Class in order more easily to navigate the departing airport formalities by using for example fast track, and lounge, on grounds of age and infirmity, as well as better seating at the front of the plane to help in transferring more easily to the second flight. Vueling, singularly failed to deliver any of these business class elements. Whatever the reasons, that ought not to concern the customer. It has led to an injustice and I am told firmly by Iberia that it should be addressed by Vueling.
    Thanks finally to BA Executive Club (phone call 4th Dec, 14:30h), rather than Iberia or Vueling I am beginning to glimpse the mess which lies beneath the issue of the Iberia ticket which has seriously not delivered what was promised. BA Executive Club immediately looked up the ticket reference, confirmed that the ticket was business class for both legs, and informed me that the ticket seemed to have been issued despite a computer error being recorded. Immediately a claim was actioned by BA (#18618089) for tier and avios points (uncredited owing to the problematic Iberia ticket) for BA’s perfectly delivered business class on their leg of the trip. BA Customer Services has today confirmed the acceptance of the claim and credited appropriate tier and avios points, in the light of the clear evidence.
    As yet after one month, not even an acknowledgement from Vueling. No response, no apology, and no offer of appropriate compensation for not having provided any of the business class elements referred to above. As BA immediately realised, a computer glitch led to most unfortunate and unfair consequences and stress for a loyal customer. What more can I do to get Vueling to take this matter seriously? I do not want to have to make a wider appeal for help in righting an obvious and clear-cut wrong. However, the longer this goes on, can you not see that a continued non-response on your part, can look like something not far removed from theft or fraud by default? As such, it ought surely be brought to the attention of a wider public. Perhaps I should have done that already, but given BA’s positive response today to the more minor consequence of the problematic ticket, and BA’s helpfulness over many years, can I hope that Vueling as an arm of AIG will finally acknowledge its responsibilities, and move to right an injustice which is as clear-cut as it could possibly be.

    Yours sincerely
    Professor Philip Evans






  • Michael Wall

    I have a booking for the 29th August
    Today, I have a lung biopsy. It is advised that I don’t travel.
    I’d like to change the flight until some later date but – and here is the difficult part – until I have the results of the biopsy I won’t know how soon I can travel.
    The automated website is fine for anyone who wishes to add a bag, change a date etc but I’m wanting to know the best flexible way to cancel this, my present, booking (Vueling can then sell the place to another at a higher price) and, after paying a bureaucratic fee, change my flight. It’s not even clear if I can pay for a flex booking and later change that when I do know dates.
    Rather frustrating

  • Steven Perry

    7 Aug at 09:31

    Hola Depo,

    Vueling has taken money twice for this flight. There are only two persons flying to Malaga on 15 Oct. Mr S Perry and Mrs Perry.
    Attached is my bank statement showing the Vueling error. The correct amount is £ 176.90. I have written confirmation from Vueling for this. The incorrect deduction is £170.07 23 July shown on statement 24 July.

    Please send a refund asap.

    Thanks and regards

    On Wednesday, 7 August 2019, 08:49:03 BST, wrote:

    Dear Mr Perry Steven ,

    We are contacting you in reference to the Reservation number GL5DSB, which was the payment was decline on the 25th July 2019.

    In response to your request, we would like to indicate that you send us a picture of your account showing the deduction so we can look into it.

    Best regards,

    Customer Service Department

    Your reference number is: [SR_Number: 1-16407333463]

    Please use the above reference for future queries about your case, or click reply on this email.

    “We would like to inform you that VUELING AIRLINES, S.A. is the controller of the personal data that you provide, and that the data will be legitimately processed for the purpose of managing and replying to your enquiries and/or claims.
    You will be able to access, amend and delete your data, and limit the processing and portability by writing to Plaza Pla de l’Estany, 5, 08820, El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona), Spain, together with a copy of your ID card or passport. Your details won’t be given to third parties unless it is to fulfil a legal obligation. For more information about how we process your data, please visit”
    Enviado el: 07/08/2019 09:41:28
    Asunto: pap was debited but the payment was declined on the system

  • Richard Knights

    Vueling damaged my wifes case, (SR_Number: 1-16907736092) – Agent at Rome airport told me to send HARD COPIES to office in Madrid- within 7 days, which I did – the envelope was returned to sender so I rang in. Customer agent told me ‘system had changed’ and would send email info (he did not send email), rang in again and was now sent email contact.
    Photographed all documentation including proof of postage, sent off and now received email saying outside the 7 day claim time.
    Very cynical of Vueling – 1st give them the wrong information, then do NOT give them information and finally say they are too late to claim.
    Looking at getting the story into the social media and press and small claims court – will never fly Vueling again – hope the story also affects Vueling future bookings.
    Disgusting way to treat 2 x Seniors – It is 1 thing to be ‘No Frills’ – it is another to be a Cheapskate Airline.

  • Mike Wall

    I appreciate that Vueling, as with many other businesses, are struggling with the impact of Covid-19.
    However, just in case no-one is aware of it, the recent email sent with an apology for flight cancellation and a link to manage my available options (refund or find another flight that might be possible) has a dead link: I cannot change the flight.
    Have tried using the email link and trying to Manage my booking.
    Neither possible.

    If someone at Vueling reads this, please passon a request that someone gets to grips with the programming.

  • Graeme Williams

    Unable to make change to my flight which has been cancelled. The website crashes with the error Message: “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

  • Peter Bristow

    You have not replied to 4 e mails regarding a query with a flight schedule you cancelled.I have since spoken to Spain,to be informed that they would confirm their investigations,again no reply.
    You must rep[ly,your customer services are sadly lacking

  • Keith Jackson

    We are due to fly with you as part of a TUI package holiday in late August from Cardiff airport to Mallorca, however due to personal factors relating to CV19 we are not able to do so, I am instructed by TUI to get in touch with you but your telephone lines do not answer and cut off customers! just how do we cancel our flight before our final balance to TUI is due?? please dont suggest I wait until the day before because that will be far too late
    Is there anyone in your organisation that can give an actual personalised response or should I just not turn up? [assuming your flying which we both must realise is unlikly anyway]

  • Barbara Embleton

    Reference 1-18731930683
    Mr S Embleton Mrs B Embleton
    Following Vueling cancelling the flight VY6205 booking ZDH3YP LGW-FLR 160620 we requested a full refund.
    11 May 2020 – email received following our request for refund advising further email will be received within the next 10 days.
    18 May 2020 – email received advising credit issued.

    we do not want a credit we want a full refund. please process immediately.

    kind regards

  • Paul

    Can someone from Vueling please get back to me regarding cancelled flight from April due to COVID.
    I want a full refund not a credit note.
    I have emailed several times on different addresses, tried phoning but lines are constantly busy, website forms don’t work, left direct messages on Twitter – nothing!!
    I understand you must be very busy but It has been nearly 6 months now.
    Booking ref: KKUQ4B

    Mr Rawcliffe

  • David Molden

    The Refund for my booking has not appeared in my bank account. I have waited for many weeks for this action to take place. The booking reference is: L8HK8Y for return flight from Alicante to Gatwick on 1st August 2020.
    Passenger names as follows:
    Mr David Molden, Mrs Linda Molden, Mr Clifford Thain.
    I would respectively request that you take immediate action to send the refund to my bank: Nationwide Select Credit Card No.
    4893 9601 1880 7194.

  • Brian kelleher

    I booked a return flight to Malaga from Cardiff to depart on the 17 th October 2020
    Booking reference number OF31PW
    Last Friday I received an email to say the return flight on the22nd October flight number VY 1260 had been cancelled
    I tried to go through manage my bookings which keeps telling me my email address is incorrect
    When I apply for a refund and fill in all the details it tells me my name details are incorrect
    I have retrieved my original booking which clearly states the ticket is issued to Brian Kelleher
    I have rung all the contact numbers possible which just tells me to have a nice flight
    I did manage to speak to one non English woman who could not understand what I said
    A few seconds later I was asked to complete a survey and the call was disconnected
    I have sent emails to [email protected] .com who have been no use whatsoever
    I paid 252.55 pounds for the flight which I would like refunded
    I have gone round and round in circles since last Friday and would be extremely grateful if you could assist in me getting a refund

  • thomas davenport

    would you please let me know when your june flights are out i have flight credit and need to use them before end of December and i want to go to alicante in june thanking you

    Mr T Davenport

  • Mark Osborne

    REF C77N9L Flight No VY8748 Manchester to Barcelona
    I like others on here have been taken for a ride, (shame it wasn’t a plane ride). I should have flown to Spain on the 26th of September. only for my outward bound flight to be moved back 2 days, then a few days later my return flight canceled
    Ive applied for a refund and like most people you have to use the website, which practilly is about as much use as a chocolate fire guard.
    No joy on the telephone either
    Whats going on Vueling ? where is the customer service one word – SHOCKING

  • Amanda Porter

    Flight was cancelled back in April and was told full refund would be done. Emails sent but still no refund??? Very angry as this is a holiday we take are friend sister on each year and the refund would of paid for us to0 have a break with her in England. Very disappointed in the communication. Still no refund for six flights

  • Ljubica Perkovic

    I have requested refund for my flight which Vueling has cancelled.
    – Route: LGW – FLR
    – Flight no: VY6209
    – Date: 2020-04-12
    The Vueling has sent a flight credit, which I did not ask for. It has not been possible to speak to your customer service, there are only recorded messages. Please respond!

  • Ian P Parker

    Good morning,
    I am concerned that 5 weeks on from claiming a refund I have received nothing. When I try to contact customer services it is impossible to speak. All directions are computer generated. When I try to write I receive a computer generated message saying I am not entitled to compensation. I AM NOT SEEKING COMPENSATION! I am merely waiting for a refund for a flight that Vueling cancelled. Ref:DEZ53G from Mahon to Barcelona on 06/11/2020. The website clearly states that refunds will be made within 7 days!! Perhaps Spanish days are much longer. Vueling airlines are a bunch of wasters that seem to have no concept of customer service and no sense of moral obligation to return monies paid to them in good faith. Has anyone ever received a response to comments on this page?

  • Eva Waisserova

    problems with log in to the my client account

    I requested a refund of the tickets, this refund was successful. Unfortunately, I can’t log in to my client account so I can buy a new ticket and pay for it with a refunded credit. Please send me a new login details, registered e-mail at is [email protected].

    thank you…EW

  • David King

    *** BEWARE ***
    Diabolical after-sales service.
    Purchased a full flexi-ticket and then wanted to change the selected flight for credit (due to COVID restrictions).
    Coincidentally, Vueling cancelled the original flight in any case.
    The website does not provide an option for credit, so I instead tried to move the flight to a later date. Despite repeatedly trying to amend the outbound flight, the Vueling website kept auto amending the changes to the Inbound flight (leaving the reschedule outbound flight in booking in place).
    The online “help” is non-existent and comprises only a series of inappropriate drop-down answers to different questions. Despite repeated attempts to speak to someone, by selecting different phone options when prompted, the customer telephone line is merely a series of recorded messages ultimately always directing you back to the website (which as described above, does not function correctly).
    Unbelievably frustrating.
    After-sales service is therefore effectively non-existent, and all it does is waste customer’s time whilst pretending to be a “help” function.
    The “help” is no more than a PR front and has the effect of wasting even more time trying to navigate it, when all it does is reach dead-ends with no solutions.
    This is a cheap airline for a reason. Probably fine if nothing needs amending, but any changes are impossible to make.
    I spent additional money buying the most expensive, flexible ticket and that is not only a waste of money, but it is a product that is not fit for purpose.
    AVOID VUELING if you want an airline that cares about its customers!

  • Dave thomas

    Poor customer service, operator does not pick up when options keyed in & call finishes.
    Unable to contact them online or in the office to deal with check in issues, no help at all !!

  • Abdenacer Rarih


    I am a travel agent based in the UK, my name is Rarih.

    I have a client who would like to travel to Algiers on 26 AUG. The flight will be from LGW to ALG via BCN.

    I was trying to book the ticket for my client but I know that the client going to Algiers have to do quarantine for 5 days.

    I went to the Vueling website and I checked the restriction Travel restrictions – Coronavirus | Vueling. (Please see attached)

    What I understood from what I read, the customer will be paying for his ticket then VY will arrange the quarantine package for the client and he will pay for that.

    I have called VY customer service 3 times (02035143971), I did not get any clear answer when I have mentioned what is been writing on the website and they put the phone down on my face.

    I have called again to mention what happened, they told me there is another number for agents (+34 902 487 748)

    I have called the number provided but it went dead, I realised after that they trying to get rid of me instead of giving me an answer or someone that can help. Especially if I am an independent agent not an agent with Vueling.

    Please I would like an answer to my queries or proper clarification.

    Waiting for your reply.

  • M. Sandwick

    Vueling UK contact number gives automated information only. No option to discuss individual problems. In my case our flight was cancelled and we were offered a refund, which I accepted. The message confirmed that the refund would be paid within 7 days. 50 days later the refund has still not been paid and it is still not possible to contact anyone directly to discuss this.

    I shall never book with this airline again and I would advise others to choose any other airline in preference. Please think very carefully before using these people.

  • Glynis Davies

    I have been trying to change the date of my return from uk to Spain all of this week. Customer Services in uk and Spain do not have an option to speak to an Agent.
    My original booking is D9B18V, both legs of this journey were changed at different times. I requested a refund on the outward journey of August 7th and I purchased a new ticket for travel on August 11th because of uncertainty about uk regulations for entry.
    My return flight on booking D9B18V was then changed to August 21st. I wish to change this to August 26th.
    PLEASE CAN YOU ASSIST! I am unable to change online because of the pending refund for August 7th.
    I would appreciate your urgent assistance, thank you.

    MRS GLYNIS D DAVIES email address – [email protected]

  • Keith Barnett

    Customer Service is non existent when attempting to follow up a problem with a flight refund. It is obvious to me that your online systems have been designed to make it impossible to resolve a problem of this kind. This is also true of your customer service telephone system which only allows a limited number of choices none of which help with issues around flight refunds.

  • John Davies

    I have a booking YGHSPW which has been cancelled. I tried to rebook but your website didn’t allow the dates to be made. I now have a flight out and back on the same day!!!
    Please someone contact me so we can rearrange flights.

  • siobhan

    We have tried repeatedly to contact you via the customer services number both English and Spanish numbers. No options to speak to anyone or access to information – repeatedly cut off. can someone please contact me ref our flights on the 27th December

  • Ada McMutrie

    Trying to contact you to cancel our flight, Booking Ref HBF7YF due to depart on Sunday 19th December. reason for cancellation is due to France closing its border to UK citizens. Please arrange a refund of the money paid or credit our account.


    30th December 2021 9:15am
    Flight Details :
    Booking ref: Hgjkd
    Flight no: VY 1241 10:45 to Cardiff

    Thank you Vueling for leaving us stranded at Alicante Airport on Tuesday 28th December. When we looked at the flight board we couldn’t
    believe it when we read Flight Cancelled.
    We received no information of your earlier flight at 7:30am by e mail, text, phone, or voice mail. On the 23rd December you wished us a merry Christmas and on Monday 28th we had a text asking us to book our seats on line, (this can only be done 4 hours before departure so we had no chance of getting on the flight anyway). We are 3 adults into our 70’s. There was nobody around to ask for help (funny that!) We had no choice but to stand in a huge queue and wait to see someone behind the check in desk. Mr Donovan went off to see if he could find out if any other airline had available seats. Jet2 was the only Airline with seats available, but only to Birmingham leaving at 1:15pm which we booked at an extra cost.
    when we arrived in Birmingham we had the added stress of getting back to Wales a 2 1/2 hr journey. We managed to book a Taxi at a further extra cost to ourselves. We arrived back home 12 hrs after leaving Alicante. THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE WAS A NIGHTMARE. We have been treated very badly by Vueling, even worse we are known to you as we have travelled with you for many years.

    Please confirm you have received this comment with a quick response.
    We have all relevant receipts available.



  • Gilbert Roy ANTHONY

    hello folks,

    I applied for a cash refund for Flight booking code HINC4X (Alicante to Cardiff ) cancelled by Vueling date 15/01/22 the amount was £116.98 .
    We followed your proceedure and gave our bank details as requested IBAN and SWIFT numbers.Given to us by our Nationwide Bank UK….On your website we submitted the above and indeed received the “Thumbs Up” approval of your website. You said you would pay us within 7 days!
    On 19/11/21 you emailed us saying that you could not pay us through the same payment method we made our booking! OUR BANK SAYS THAT WE HAVE ALWAYS USED THE SAME CREDIT CARD FOR ALL OUR BOOKINGS WITH VUELING –over time only the expiry date has changed–which our Bank says is normal—-its not a reason for you not paying us-under international law.

    We have not been repaid within 7 weeks not the 7 weeks promised—and now find out on Social Media this is not uncommon with your Airline?

    Please prove them wrong we would be grateful for a reply –we have had no luck getting to speak to anyone in your firm re individuals cash refunds.

    Many thanks

    Gilbert and Carol Anthony
    Wales tel 01792 411914

  • Alex Benady

    Trying to get a refund for a flight cancelled by Vueling. Their email site keeps saying that you can get a refund by going to ‘manage your booking’. There is no such option. The Vueling phone number has a recorded message and then hangs up. They dont provide a contact email. Almost as if they are deliberately making it difficult for people to claim the refunds they are entitled to

  • Debbie Wild

    the booking reference on my flight credit is not working & i am unable to redeem my paid for flight.
    i need to contact a representative to sort it out.
    why is this so difficult?

  • Patrick Lynch

    Your staff at check-in Gatwick refused to give me assistance or any help or understanding and proceeded to subject me to humorous behaviour at my expense
    I will be back there at 2pm next Sunday to make my complaint in person

  • Anum Abdullah

    I was told on 18.02.022 that my flight booking has been cancelled by Vueling when I got to the boarding lounge and now they won’t refund me even though the error was on their end. This is so ridiculous and poor customer service. Will never use this fraud airline ever again.
    Causing customers more stress on an already stressful day when there was a storm in the UK is just the height of inhumanity.
    Been trying to get a refund for over 6 weeks now!!!
    Please don’t use this airline ever.

  • Theresa O'Connor

    Hi there,
    I booked a flight for myself and 4 others -REF- IF14WG.
    Due to COVID we were unable to go as were the rest of the world.
    I decided to keep a credit for the flight rather than cancelling with the hope of rebooking the following year.
    Once again that was not possible due to COVID. I was given a credit for the flight- Which I appreciated.
    MUCH TO MY HORROR I have just seen that my credit has disappeared!!!
    It is only now that I am able to think about booking a flight for myself and 4 friends due to the current flight situation, vaccinations etc.
    I would like someone to contact me PLEASE and GIVE ME BACK MY CREDIT VOUCHER, which is a substantial amount of money.
    I decided to keep the credit rather than cancelling the flights as a loyalty towards your company during theses worrying times! However you appear not to give a damn about my loyalty, not to mention the fact that you have been receiving interest on my money.
    Also I would like to mention that it is near impossible to actually contact your customer service regarding my query, keep getting knocked back when my complaint doesn’t fit with your standard reply system on your website.
    Kind Regards
    Theresa O’Connor

  • steve wright

    Mr Stephen Wright

    Booking Code PLP54B

    Email [email protected]

    Dear Sir

    I am writing this email in desperation and frustration. I have tried several times to settle my issue with your customer service team but they ignore my emails and will not listen to me when I telephone or cut off my call.

    I booked return flights from Cardiff to Majorca (PMI). Outgoing 08/06/2022 at 17:15. Return 13/06/2022 at 15:15. Vueling cancelled the return flight from Majorca (PMI) to Cardiff on 13/06/2022 at 15:15. I requested a refund for this cancelled flight.

    I have not received my refund but your staff insist that it was issued on 16/02/2022. I was informed it was paid into the Mastercard account that I used to pay for the flights ending in 1612. I can provide proof that I have not in fact received this refund and I request evidence from yourselves that you have paid the refund to the specified card. My money is being held by you dishonestly and your staff are misleading me. I can also provide copies of the email communication if required.

    This issue has been ongoing for several weeks and this is my last attempt to contact you to rectify this before I direct my complaint to your governing body and take legal advice on the subject.

    The customer service that I have received is absolutely terrible. They have been rude and dismissive.

    I request that you look into this issue thoroughly and rectify your error as soon as possible. I look forward to your swift reply.

    Yours faithfully

    Mr Stephen Wright

  • Angela Martin

    I have been trying unsuccessfuly to contact Vueling in relation to online checkin.
    The UK number does not connect you to an agent and their chat option is non existant
    All in all a very poor experience

  • Angela Martin

    have been trying unsuccessfuly to contact Vueling in relation to online checkin.
    The UK number does not connect you to an agent and their chat option is non existant
    All in all a very poor experience

  • K

    They withdrew money from my bank account 3 times without my permission. There is no contact number or service. It’s really nauseating.

  • Christine Lanfear

    I am trying to contact you with my problem which i can’t resolve via your on line customer services. I am getting totally frustrated and honestly wish I hadn’t booked flights with you. I haven’t had booking confirmation and am finding it impossible to obtain it as I don’t have the number. The flights are the 1st OCtober 2022. What can I do?

  • Stuart Roberts

    I have tried to talk to someone in person via your phone line and it is proving impossible, the website doesn’t answer my query either so how do I get to resolve my problem?

  • J Phillipson

    Terrible lack of service from Vueling. They cancelled my flight in September and I am due a refund. The tracking system shows the case is ‘being processed’ and payment will be made within 7 days. That’s a lie, as I have checked every 7 days since the cancellation. There is no way to contact Vueling in UK. When I eventually spoke to a human in bookings, they were ‘unable to deal with refunds’. A manager was supposed to call me, but never did of course. Their ratings are terrible and no wonder. I read that people have been waiting 2 years for a refund, and this amounts to theft. HOW can we get our money back?

  • karen macleod

    re: flight code MICS4A date: Mon 17th October 2022 Alicante to Cardiff
    i unfortunately had to cancel my booking on the above flight and required a flight credit. My partner cancelled the flight on my behalf but
    inadvertently chose a refund in error. We managed to send an email after searching for a contact phone number without success.
    I explained that i wanted a flight credit and not a refund as i needed to rebook a flight for 19th October i did receive a reply with a ref code 06208303. this was sixteen days ago and i have not had a refund or credit. I had to pay for another flight for the 19th October so i am owed
    £114 for the original flight.
    It’s impossible to speak to someone to sort out the problem. Please can you help?.

  • Mairi

    You cant get through to a person. I have spent hours and hours trying. It is the worst company I have ever tried to use. There is no email address or online assistant that is not automated. You cant message through Facebook or any other channel
    I tried to change the name on the flights because it was automatically populated from, I tried to get in touch but the IVR just cuts you off after giving you information that was not relevant. I tried every single option so then I did it online and changed the details this way but because its an adults ticket it wont accept my daughters date of birth. I tried for four hours this morning to get through and tried every option again. I think we wont be able to go now and will lose the money for the hotel to as I CAN NOT GET THROUGH TO A PERSON. Last minute refuse to help even though they chose this company. Do not use them under any circumstances unless you want to be stressed and lose lots of money

  • Marie Hipperson

    Good afternoon

    I have tried several times to buy more suitcases online but the system does not allow it.

    Please help me buy them as soon as possible please.


  • Neil binder

    Hi My booking ref is xm5unh booked for 24/12/2022 to return to U.K. for Christmas.I recently received an email notification change of flight.I went into the app on Friday to add a case for my trip it was at this point I noticed you had changed the date of my flight from 24/12 to 27/12 returning on 31.This is of absolutely no use to me I’m returning to U.K. for Christmas and new year’s the flight you have offered me is of no use.So I’m now requesting a full refund without any charge.I expect this to be handled swiftly and professionally, as you have amended the terms of my flight.
    I Thank you in advance for your assistance
    Neil Binder
    I’ve emailed phoned and live chat and had no response for 3 weeks your customer service contact is designed so I can’t speak to a real person

    Sent from my iPhone

  • kevin Webber

    they changed my direct flight to one with a stop doubling the flight time. No refund offered, impossible to speak to anyone and online service does not offer what I need. awful company, I will never fly with them and I would advise anyone else to avoid them