Vueling Airlines Excess Baggage

Overweight/ Excess Baggage Fees

Any baggage weighing over 23 kg will be charged at a rate of 10 euros per each extra kilo. Each passenger is only allowed a maximum combined weight of 50 kg of total luggage and each piece of luggage can weigh a maximum of 32 kg.

Check in online and save!

Checking in your first suitcase at the airport costs 35.00 per flight and item. If you check in now, it will only cost you between 10.00 and 29.00 per item each way.

Checking in your second and third suitcase at the airport costs between 70.00 and 90.00 per flight and item, but if you check in now it will only cost you between 25.00 and 90.00 per item each way.

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Vueling Airlines Checked Baggage

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