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Excess Baggage Charges

With regard to the domestic flights where the weight concept applies, if the total weight of a passenger’s checked baggage and carry-on baggage exceeds the free baggage allowance, then excess baggage charges must be paid. The rate for these excess baggage charges is calculated per kgover the allowance based on 1.5% of the Economy Class full fare as of the date the excess baggage ticket is issued, with the total amount charged in CNY,rounded off to the nearest whole number.

Here are excess baggage charge rates when the piece concept applies:

Rates for excess baggage (in CNY)
Economy Class First Class / Business Class
Flights on which only one piece of free checked baggage allowed for Economy Class Flights on which two pieces of free checked baggage allowed for Economy Class
Extra pieces The first piece 500 / piece 1,000 / piece 1,200 / piece
The 2nd piece and each additional piece 1,500 / piece 2,000 / piece 2,400 / piece
Over weight 23kg-32kg 1,000 / piece 1,000 / piece
32.1kg-45kg (must be confirmed prior to the scheduled flight) 3,000 / piece 3,000 / piece 3,000 / piece
Oversized (length + width + height) 159cm-300cm(must be confirmed prior to the scheduled flight if the combined dimensions exceed 203cm) 1,000 / piece 1,000 / piece 1,000 / piece


For more details visit : http://www.xiamenair.com/Baggage/Baggage-Information

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