Delhi (DEL) Airport – DigiYatra: What is it? How it works, Procedure: A complete guide

What is DigiYatra?

Based on Facial Recognition System (FRS), passengers can use contactless travel experience at Airport entry, Security check, Boarding gate. DigiYatra is simply provides Biometric Enabled Seamless Travel (BEST). DigiYatra: Avoid the queue to save the time at the Delhi Airport with DigiYatra

Who can use / Eligibility to use DigiYatra?

Currently DigiYatra is applicable only for Domestic passengers departing from Terminal 3

How to enroll / register DigiYatra and use it?

  1. Download the DigiYatra app
  2. Enter your phone number to register. You will receive an OTP. Enter and register
  3. Link your identity using DigiLocker / Offline Aadhar
  4. Upload xml file for offline Aadhar
  5. Upload your live photo by taking a selfie
  6. Update your boarding pass on the DigiYatra app and send to the departure airport

Where is DigiYatra E-Gate located in the Delhi Airport?

  • At the terminal 3, gate 2A

Procedure to use DigiYatra

Step 1: Entry Gate

  1. Passenger must scan the boarding pass at the  DigiYatra Entry Gate (E-Gate) 2A at T3 departure in the Delhi Airport
  2. Once scanning is done, see the camera and your face will be scanned
  3. E-Gate will open the door to enter the terminal

Step 2: At the Pre security check

  1. The next step after entering the terminal is security check where the passenger should proceed to the DigiYatra E-Gate at the security check
  2. Look into the camera to validate
  3. After completed the validation, you will be allowed to enter the boarding gate

Step 3: Boarding gate

  1. After the passenger will be called to board the flight, look into the camera at the boarding gate
  2. Post your system validation proceed towards the Aircraft

For more details, visit

Download DigiYatra App for Apple (iphone, ipad, mac) / Android (ios) Users

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