Austrian Airlines Baggage 10


Austrian Airlines was established in 1957 (as Austrian Airlines), commenced operations in 30 september 1957. It is the flag carrier airline of Austria and a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group.
Austrian Airlines is headquartered at the grounds of Vienna International Airport in Schwechat.
Austrian Airlines operates 6 domestic and more than 120 international year-round and seasonal destinations in 55 countries as of July 2016

Austrian Airlines  Checked Baggage

Austrian Airlines Excess Baggage

Austrian Airlines  Hand|Cabin Baggage

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10 thoughts on “Austrian Airlines Baggage

  • Nasrin Ara

    I lost my scarf in Vienna air port, how can I find it.
    my email add [email protected]

    also, I want to know if I can leave my baggs, in the storage room ,in the airport while I am visiting Vienna?
    and how much it will cost me
    Nasrin Ara

    my comments, Because of the Airline I had to pay $350 ,
    it should be embraced,
    I left my Iranian passport at home and i had enough time to go and bring it, but at the counter they did not allow me and I had to stay in NY, inventively for two days and pay extra $350.


    , je suis Mohamed ABDEL WAHAB j’ai réservé un vol sur votre compagnie Caire Nice le 1 septembre 2017 le retour le 15 Mai 2018 pour 2 personnes ELMOUTTAQUI AICHA je n’ai pas recue la confirmation merci de me la envoyé

  • samira ghasemitafreshi

    Dear sir/madam,

    I missed my flight from VIE to IKA on Monday 19th March 2018 because Swiss airline had delay from ZRH to VIE. The flight number was OS 0873/19Mar and boarding time was 9:15. The Austria Airline sent us to IKA by Turkish Airline.
    In Imam Khomeini Airport I found out that I missed one of my baggage.
    Presently I am in Tehran for vacation. This baggage is really important for me because i have missed all of my valuable property, all gifts fro my family and friends, my son clothes, etc.
    Baggage identification tag: LX 784432
    my flight number and passport: OS 873/19Mars (Turkish airline flight Number: TK 1886 /19Mars)
    Thank you in advance for your understanding.

  • Josiane lochy

    I arrived in Iran with Austrian air line, from Pari to Téhéran via Vienne.on monday 1th avril And my bagage dis not arrived .
    I cannot use your site “bagage missing” .

    AF 1138
    OS 871
    Référence IKAOS18817
    Bagage 057 AF 478019

  • De Borle Katrien

    Good morning,
    My suitcase dit not arrived with me in Podgorica. Flights OS352 – OS727 Brussels-Vienna-Podgorica 14/8/2021 at 14.15 h.
    Ticket: 2574896346346 Airline reservation: QQI6EB
    My trip is a Balkan trail and it will be a very difficult trail, all my cloths, fleece, medicines, night covers… are missing.
    We declared all this at the airport Podgorica.
    What will happen with that suitcase?
    How will you compensate me for this loss and the moral implications during my trip and afterwards?
    0032 494 49 75 85


    I would like to buy more weight of luggage like 20 more kg. I will be flying to Denmark from Bangkok, Thailand with Austria Airlines in January 28th. I understand that I can buy it the day I fly. I wonder if i could use cash (THB) to buy the 20 kg of luggage.
    Thank you

  • Torben Kieler

    I am flying from Copenhagen to Larnaca, Cyprus via Vienna on Monday the 4th of April on Austrian Airlines flight numbers OS302 and OS831 and wish to bring my snow skis and ski-boots as extra baggage. Is it possible to check the skis and boots in at the airport counter in Copenhagen Airport as additional baggage and pay for it there?

  • Pat Zidar

    I flew on Austrian Airliines on July 1, 2023 from BCN to VIE.
    My checked bag was missing when I arrived in VIE.
    I am still waiting to hear about my missing luggage. I completed the requested report right away.
    Per Austrian Airlines it is still in BCN.

    Any advice?